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Mon Oct 28, 2013 14:45

Nice Try US Army Cyber Command Perverts.

The message will still be read despite you changing a few words.

You can stop nothing - you high cancer rates are caused by the Nuclear Destruction of your underground base in Mineral - the dust that came up through the Duct work was Nuclear Waste and you should no be seeing many of your "Buddies" get cancer.

Too bad, too sad. You are the 1% the Living GOD will not allow to be healed unless you come and I will show you how to decontaminate inside and out first. Then it will work - so says the Boss upstairs.

Hope you like Chemo....................

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    The question has arisen what are the proper steps to remove a sitting US Corporate President in which the Corporation is owned by the IMF? The Original Constitution was replaced by the 1871... more
    • HOW TO REMOVE A SITTING PRESIDENT UPDATE 1 — William Mount, Mon Oct 28 14:45
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