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Fukushima And The End Of Humanity - Global-Extinction-Event.
Tue Oct 29, 2013 04:44

Fukushima And The End Of Humanity - Global-Extinction-Event.
Fukushima Extinction Event -

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Fukushima And The End Of Humanity -
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Please contact Dr. William B. Mount, and Dr. William P. Wilson, - - Patricia Shupe or (Don Grahn - - Call 4 Investigation - patriciajhs - - - Stew Webb at: - - concerning the immediate implementation of Radionics Applications to begin the reduction of all nuclear contamination now being release into the global ecosystems and atmosphere.

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Please also realize that Hydroxy Water or thereof, Browns Gas plasma will also neutralize the Nuclear Proton without any further atmospheric release or polluting (nuclear) materials.

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We know it's bad - but how bad?

Badder than bad...10 days ago,
from this writing, the sardine fishery
of British Columbia, Canada was
reported to have "inexplicably"
collapsed. Simply no sardines were
caught and the fleet went home,
empty-handed. Starfish and seal
populations in that region are also

We've heard now about the three
complete meltdowns that are
occurring at the afflicted power plant
at Fukushima - but we've never heard
about the fact that there are actually
6 reactors at the site!

We know that this week, 2 separate
typhoons (the term for hurricanes in
the western Pacific) will be colliding
exactly over Fukushima this week, all
the better to disperse the unfathomable
tonnage of hot particles into the Pacific
Ocean Basin, set to do further ruin to
the already-collapsing ecosystems
throughout this immense area.

Were there to be a fire spread, due
to the hundreds of unsecured nuclear
fuel rods at the plant today, a chain
reaction could occur and "The Northern
Hemisphere could easily be facing an
extreme fallout situation, where
everybody would have to shelter
indoors for several months or more,"
according to Christina Consolo,
Founder of Nuked Radio. When
interviewed by Russia Today,
Consolo's assessment was that the
worst-case scenario could play out
into the deaths of "billions of people.
A true apocalypse."

Video (almost 11 mins):

Fukushima and the End of Humanity (?)
Here's some of the ridiculous laws that
block small business from serving people.


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Hayden reports Obama administration ignoring major threat
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