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willpwilson 908
Jay Edgar Hoover Served The Globalist Pedphiles.
Fri Nov 1, 2013 09:15

Jay Edgar Hoover Served The Globalist Pedphiles.

For Those of us Who Are Not Pedophiles. And, thereof, Jay Edgar Hoover, the former head of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) (Is alleged?), molested and raped more than two thousand fiver hundred children, while he ran the FBI.

Thereof, who were mostly descendants of veterans, who were killed in World War Two and in many of the other on going military directed operations (Korea was only one of many?) that were off shore DOD (corporate) military and intellgence operations that were never properly (or constitutionally) reported to the American and or to the world's peoples whose life's were and still are being effected by this (Rothschild-Vatican-Elitist-Globalist-Federal-Reserve-Families) globally directed and highly still operating tyranny against all unknowing peoples worldwide.

What a great way to destroy any memory of what they're, (They's.) real agendas were and still are. And then, to than erase the memory, and the memories, of the so many who unknowingly served them and their evil worldwide agendas. (And, their many evil Satanic and Luciferian Human Sacrificial and Soul Harvesting agendas worldwide over many decades.).

But to also then, to further destroy their (Enslaved unknowingly) Slave's off spring. What? Many never known and or historically reported (off shore) wars. An on going Elitist Globalist Pedophile Operation, that preys on those who serve their evil agendas worldwide?

Consider thereof, (DOD and related MI-5-MI-6 Psysops operations).

(Thereof, those who controlled Hoover through Blackmail (He is now known to have been working and serving with organized crime and at the same time dressing up in women's and nurses uniforms in order to molest thousands of children (Over forty years of molestation-s?) and who knows what else?).

And thereof, thus Hoover then apparently was the entire time that he was the head of the FBI, he was solely and only serving them. Oh, really? the Elitist pedophile's who only and solely serve their Satan and Lucifer and their worldwide Satanic Mind Control and Soul Control and Harvesting Operations. Thereof, they commanded complete control of Jay Edgar Hoover during his entire tenure over the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

And, who then merely replaced Hoover with others (Of their Satanic Luciferian Human Sacrificial and Soul Harvesting networks.) who then also served (Them.) the same Elitist Pedophile (Trillionaire) Satanic (Rothschild-Vatican?) elements?.

Thereof than, apparently, raping the children of the veterans of all U.S.,
Canadian, and other country's foreign (And American.), (Illegal.) wars?

Who is and was Hoover's bees nest of globalist pedophile rings that controlled Hoover and the rest of the still soon to be known and established (Satanist-Luciferian-Elitist-Globalist.) order?

FBI running pedophile operation -

FBI admits running pedophile operation -
For all of those Veterans Who served the American People and to now find remedy for those who have been trying to destroy their children's futures.
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    • Jay Edgar Hoover Served The Globalist Pedphiles. — willpwilson 908, Fri Nov 1 09:15
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