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Tue Nov 26, 2013 05:58

Ed Skilling began playing with frequencies before most of us were born. Now I believe he is over 70 and has a tremendous business selling machines that: Well, rather than me babbling here is one testimony:

Dear William B,

Photon Genius Owners Share Their Gratitude for the Photon Genius:

"She had tears of gratitude in her eyes. I did too."

"When I was there before, his condition was always in the chair, strapped in,
unable to move his arms or legs, of course, unable to walk, unable to talk (all
he could do was utter sounds and not formulate words with his mouth).

He could not feed himself, nor dress himself, and could not be left alone. On
Sunday, when I saw them, it was a different couple. He is now walking about ten
to fifteen steps and is improving daily. THAT alone is amazing!!

He can feed himself. Navigate in his chair. His speech is 1000% from when I saw
him. He talks pretty fluently. Can help dress himself. Can now be more active.
And now his wife has more time to leave to get things done as she can now leave
him by himself for short periods of time (2 hours).

This is a big transformation in a short time. And by the way,....he is now down
to one medication, and weaning away from that one.

Both their complexions have greatly improved. They just plain look
'rejuvenated'. She had tears of gratitude in her eyes. I did too."
You may contact Ed or Warren at:
APFN - despite my wining and complaining I would like to state openly how grateful I am for the opportunity to use your website to publish the truth.

When I stated that if and when the US Treasury pays me I will fully fund your site this was net meant as a joke.

The stories YOU allow to be put out here are incredible and so are some of your writers.

Thank You.

Please pray that I acquire enough money to allow these frequency generators to be provided to thousands of clinics across the world.

You Heard It first here on APFN.

Dr William Mount

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