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Fri Nov 29, 2013 14:57

For those of you who think Obama Care is the greatest thing since sliced bread please consider the following:

Blackmail at the Seattle VA.

1) Introduction:

Today we followed a 100% physically Disabled War Time Total and Permanent US Army Officer into the VA Seattle Hospital.

We will call him Lieutenant Dan, a "100% Totally and Permanently Disabled War Vet.

Nine years ago the VA refused to remove a Tumor from Lt Dan's left hand because the head of Seattle Va Orthopedics said: We Want To Watch It Grow.

The VA Hospital also recommended Breast Reduction Surgery for Lt Dan's Malaria he caught while serving in the Army- it would make him feel better about himself.

I have the records.

Today Lt Dan went in to get a refill on his Testosterone and Synthroid. His testes are gone and this means his body produce no testosterone and low thyroid stimulating hormone.

2) The Trip:

When we arrived at the Settle VA we walked into where Endocrinology was and it is now an Acupuncture Clinic.

It took 5 stops and almost an hour to find out where the appointment was. No one could tell us where the appointment was or who it was with. We stumbled upon the West Clinic by mistake - very confusing.

They weighed him - and the scale was off by 10 pounds. Despite the huge moneys spent to rebuild the hospital they had broken scales.

The blood pressure was taken and then we sat and sat and sat.

No one knew where any one was - and these are the workers. Total confusion. The nurse who was assigned to help those in wheel chairs get weighed was not allowed to touch them because her "Arms Hurt."

We finally met with the doctor.

3) The doctor.

The Doctor was Dr Maggie Szkudlinska. Initially she was very pleasant and agreed to renew Lt Dan's prescription, Her Pager went off and she left to meet with "The Head Doctor of her Clinic."

When she returned she demanded that Lt Dan have an MRI done of his brain so that the testosterone could be prescribed.

We reminded her that the last time we looked the Testicles were between the legs, not in the brain.

Now I might nowt be a genius but my PhD is from Oxford.

The doctor stated that she wanted to determine if there was a tumor in Lt Dan's brain effecting the Thyroid TSH production.

Again - Low Testosterone effects TSH Levels, as does low Iodine. So why look for a brain Tumor?

Again - the testicles are between the legs, not in the brain.

Here is her real reasoning: Lt Dan is Physically Disabled - so if another MRI can be fudged to show a Tumor then he will be forced to use Anti-Depressants and declared "Mentally Disabled" and his gun rights go away instantly.

This is not the first time I have seen this at the Seattle VA.

We asked about the 3 MRIs that were done a few years ago - complete full body MRIs that I was present for. They were erased from his medical records --- but the computer showed there was one done in 1994.

Lt Dan was in the US Army in 1994 and never had an MRI- so --- someone is purposely screwing with Lt Dan's records.

We then asked to see Lt Dan's Bone Density Records on the computer they were also erased.

The doctor again demanded a full brain MRI.

Lt Dan said NO and prepared to leave.

My wife then asked the Doctor: "What good would an MRI do. Even if you find a tumor the VA doesn't fix anything. They only give out Pain Killers and Prozac"

Dr Szkudlinska said: "I know."

We then recommended that Lt Dan go to a private clinic despite the level of his disability - hte VA simply refuses to give him medical care.

All his VA fillings fell out.

His 5 pairs of glasses issued by the VA - only one worked,. The rest of the prescriptions were wrong and the Optometry Clinic refused to fix them.

The tumor in his left hand was still there after 9 years.

His Malaria and Lyme Disease had never been treated after 15 years.

Now some VA doctor (?) Demanded from him an MRI ofhis brain so they could study him and they REFUSED to issue the testosterone and Sythroid unless he agreed to pad their pockets and be in part of some brain study using an MRI.

In addition, this study would end up costing the American Tax Payers with Mileage and meals while these doctors padded their pockets with YOUR money and them charged the VA for additional MRI use.

If is called Blackmail and is when one person conducts a criminal activity to force another to take actions against his will or face severe consequences.

By this time Dr Szkudlinska was shaking. As we were leaving she agreed to issue the Synthroid and Testosterone for 3 month supply.

Since Lt Dan refused to participate in her little Wallet Padding experiment as an unwilling Guinea Pig - after we left this doctor wrote him up as a very uncooperative patient who was angry and needed treatment for depression.

We will not be back.

I would not have believed it unless I was there.

Unbelievable but true.

Blackmail at the VA in Seattle by VA doctors.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Testosterone AndroGel, expiration Date 1/15, issued by the VA in Settle/Tacoma is contaminated with a type of mold.

Abbott had to work very hard to contaminate something that is 67% alcohol, but they did it.

Kind of like the alcohol Wipes that the VA purchased AFTER they knew they were contaminated with a mold.

2) Nuclear Weapon, Kansas City stadium, 17 Jan - SW Corner of Stadium After this experience you get nothing more.
Please pray that 100% physically Disabled, Permanent and Total vets can go some place else rather than the VA hospitals for their health care.

You heard this first here on APFN

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount - Oxford
Knight of Malt - Russian
Cpt (USA) Retired Reserves

VA - do you really think I would be stupid enough to go to the VA in Seattle without a tape recorder in my pocket?

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