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Sun Dec 1, 2013 13:41

Congressman Alan Grayson has just sent a letter to Ambassador Mount clearly stating what happened to the Health Care Bill.

Apparently Congressman Grayson put forth a bill that was Co-Sponsored by over 80 other congressman that would have created a method where uninsured American's could have bought into Medicare sat cost.

No new computer programs.

No new federal agencies.

If you are low income or an illegal Alien you get Medicaid.

If you are wishing to purchase health care insurance you buy Medicare at cost - or around $200 per month.

It was called the Medicare Option.

Apparently,, as he wrote me: "King Leiberman killed the bill."

Apparently the Insurance Companies and Big Pharma were so busy paying off the key senators they forgot to notice if anyone was watching.

Let's see if we can let him tell you in his own words, we will begin about half way down the letter:

Dear Ambassador Mount:

Which is why, back in 2010, I introduced a simple, four-page bill, the 'Medicare You Can Buy Into Act.' The bill allows Americans to buy into Medicare at cost. If you want Medicare, and you pay for it, you've got it. Period. End of story.

I signed up more than 80 co-sponsors in the House, in two weeks.

Poll after poll found that a "public option" like this was very popular with the public, too. Politifact did a survey of surveys, and found that in 28 polls, the average result was 57 percent in favor, and 38 percent against - despite massive negative propaganda spewed out by the Chamber of Commerce.

Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act passed without a Medicare buy-in, or any public option. King Lieberman (D-Aetna) vetoed it. That kept private insurance companies exclusively in charge of health coverage for people under 65. We can all see how well that's turned out. These large and profitable corporations have cancelled policies and raised rates at will. They are demanding the power to continue to discriminate against women, to deny coverage to people with existing illnesses, and to pull the plug - literally - on anyone whose coverage becomes too expensive.

And is it really their fault? "No one can serve two masters." (Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13.) We are asking the health insurance companies to serve two masters: patients, and profit. They can't do it. No one can.

But the health insurance companies have demonstrated that they are good at one thing - fooling voters. They spent $2 million against me in 2010 in the Great Democratic Apocalypse, and they got rid of me.

Temporarily. And now, I'm back.

So after I won reelection last year, one of the first bills that I introduced was that same old four-page bill, the 'Medicare You Can Buy Into Act' (H.R. 500). Because we need it. Me and you. We need it.

If we open up Medicare to everyone who can pay for it, private insurance premiums will drop, because health insurance companies with local monopolies will face much-needed competition. And, to compete, those companies will have to offer better policies -- policies with more comprehensive coverage, with a broader network, and better service."

Congressman Grayson is very rich, in fact the second richest man in Congress so he does not need their bribes and speaks his mind.

OK - a little out spoken and socialist at heart, but he sees what these Industrialists led by the Rothchilds (Real Name Bauer) are doing to America and he is understandably upset.

Ya got to love Congressman Grayson.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) President Obama has just announced World AIDS Day 25 Dec 2013.

2) A New very powerful HIV (Sheep Wasting Disease) created in Homeland Securities Plum Island Bio Weapons Lab was released last month in Central West Africa. Thank you President Obama for your new plague. This should kill millions of Blacks.
Please pray that - you know what - I do not know what to pray for. It is getting very bad in America today and few Americans are even awake.

Please pray that America wakes up.

You heard it first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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