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willpwilson 908
Military Exchange Imminent Over the Senkaku Islands.
Mon Dec 2, 2013 13:56

japanese island dispute

China's Air Force on High Alert Sends Warplanes into Air-Defense Zone - November 28, 2013. There is very soon going to be an orchestrated and planned for (Globalist-Rothschild-architected) horrific military event(s).
China sends warplanes to disputed airspace over East China Sea - Mücahit TAN

Raw Footage Millions of Fish Swimming to Surface Dying 2013 - PayDroVideos -

thornews -

The (Theys) are about to instrumentally and calculatingly thereof, implement (Their) long planned agenda to mass eliminate as many people as possible and thus (Their) now stirring up a war over a couple of barren islands off of the coast of Japan.

Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Extinction Event along with the sixty years of other nuclear contamination worldwide on the part of the entire Nuclear Crime Syndicate, has thereof, they have now completely contaminated the entire world's ecos system. That this then now directly involves also massive media and Tepco cover ups and extreme mis management, etc.

Thereof, as well as also their keeping world known experts from helping like Col. Tom Bearden on the use of SCALAR technologies to immediately neutralize all of the Fukushima idiocy, and they still do not listen.

So let it be mankinds death wish. (They) they want this global catastrophe and they want a nuclear exchange and mass elimination in China and in North America, and the Japanese will all be dead in fifty years now any way along with most of the coastal regions of Asia. The entire region of US Northwest, Seattle, etc., the seven hills of Seattle just like in Rome and Jerusalem.

Think that in just three hundred years all of the trees will be gone and more then twenty percent of the population may actually be still alive.

China has more then three hundred million men who will not be able to marry for life due to the Chinese infanticiding their daughters due to their one child per couple laws in China. They apparently want sons,and now more then three hundred million Chinese men will not marry for life.

They have legislated in China that a women can have up to three husbands, due to the mass and overwhelming male to female population imbalance.

China needs to have some of it's male over population eliminated at this time and their now being readied to not only play into a soon to occur horrific military exchange with the US. and Japan, but their also playing into a very soon to transcend Chinese (and Russian, and Islamic) military assault on the entire North American continent. Very soon.

25,000 Year Old Buildings Found In Russia - Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Shall Not Want - - audreyassad

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    • Military Exchange Imminent Over the Senkaku Islands. — willpwilson 908, Mon Dec 2 13:56
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    • Military Exchange Imminent Over the Senkaku Islands.willpwilson 908, Mon Dec 2 13:55
      japanese island iispute China's Air Force on High Alert Sends Warplanes into Air-Defense Zone - November 28, 2013. There is very soon going to be an... more
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