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willpwilson 908
How Does Someone Try To Explain: Satanist Soul Harvesting?
Mon Dec 2, 2013 17:20

December 02, 2013 Response to Dave on the topic and or explanation for
referring to the Globalist Rothschild Daddy Bush Illuminati also being
Soul Harvesting Satanists. How else does someone even try to
explain or even try to refer to these trillionaire mass murdering criminals.
Soul Harvesting -

Thereof, in my trying to find an explanation about what is now transcending
upon this entire planet, and then finding remedy for these crime syndicates that now have all of the planets money, resources, and military hardware, and then their global banking, and they still don't seem to care or to do anything that is in the best interests of the world's peoples.

How else to you refer to them?
What about their inscriptions on their Georgia Guide Stones, there will be
less then five hundred million population when their plan for global human
annihilation does finally play out and it already is.

I have not produced any TV programs about the soul harvesting yet.

But soon I will be producing a TV series on Psychotronic Warfare Victims
with Laura Solway, Ron Gilman, and others who are a part of monthly
group of Mind Control Victims and this group is now up to around thirty
members who show up at the local library where I am taping the forums
and disclosures for later braodcast.
Mind Control Psychotronic Warfare -
PSYCHOTRONIC WARFARE AND RADIONICS - by Lawrence Wilson, MD - July 2013, The Center For Development -
Stop the psychotronic warfare, the electronic harassment, surveillance and mind-control-international prosecution - -

No one can comprehend what these people have been being put through
having been used as Psychotronic Mind Warfare targeted lab mice,
and their lives now being completely ruined. And, the average person
has no idea that this is rampantly being done to millions of victims
worldwide not just to American and Canadian citizens.
Psychotronic Warfare -

How can Language Syntax ( help these victims who are now
convening at these meetings in order to begin to architect a Legal Action Against the US Dept of Defense and the Pentagon Contractors who have been using this clandestine and purely evil technologies on millions of unsuspecting people.

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On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Dave wrote: Will,

I cannot find any video on your TV program with soul harvesting.
Finding 27 trillion is great. But what value is it, if in the end we loose our souls. Please send link to show with this story and hopefully a remedy.

Thanks, Dave
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Hays - 10:34 PM (26 minutes ago) - to me
Alex Jones Santa Cruz speech -
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Exotica-Alien Soul Harvest with Nigel Kerner-Part 1
Exotica Radio Show Podcast-November 19, 2010-Randy Maugans with Nigel Kerner, Dr. Andrew Silverstein, and Professor John Biggerstaff-Part 1 of a 2-Part Series -

FINAL EVENTS: UFOs, Demons and the Government - -

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    • How Does Someone Try To Explain: Satanist Soul Harvesting? — willpwilson 908, Mon Dec 2 17:20
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