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Wed Dec 4, 2013 15:28

A long tome ago, long before most of you were born, there was a devastating revolution in Spain.

Books and poems were written about it. people lamented over it. Americans went to fight in this war to keep the people free.


1) What happened:

On July 18th, 1936 General Franco, Commander of the Spanish Army in Morocco, initiated a revolution.

The Spanish Army and Spanish Navy belonged to the legitimately elected government of Spain.

Since there was a huge depression at the time caused by the New Federal Reserve System many Spanish found themselves unable to either hold a job or far. They grew restless for things like food to feed their families.

The Spanish government did little to reverse the Depression.

Appealing to the NAZI party in Germany, Hitler provided a large fleet of Junker 52s, most built by Boeing here in Seattle, to transport almost the entire Moroccan garrison of troops to Spain.

Funded by American Bankstas - more on this next week - the NAZIs funded this little expedition.

Madrid, Spain's Capitol, as besieged for the entire 4 years of the war.

The Bauery Boys (Rothchilds) funded both sides by lending money directly to Franco, The NAZIs and the Russians - who supported the Elected Government of Spain.

Estimates re that over 1 million people died as a direct result of the war out of a population of 25 Million and the war lasted almost 4 years.

In the end the NAZI party won and placed Franco on the thrown.

2) So who really won the war:

The Bankstas in London - who loaned Federal Reserve Notes to the Russians, Germans and Italians in exchange for gold.

The Bauery Boys grew very wealthy over this little spat in Spain oh so amny years ago.

3) What does it mean to me?

Nothing has changed and Humanity has not learned.

Inflation pays for these wars. In 1978 I brought home $10 per hour as a college student and coffee was 25 cents with unlimited refills and gas was 99 cents a gallon - and rent was $50 a month next to UC Berkeley.

Every hour I worked I could buy either 10 gallons of gas or 40 cups of coffee with unlimited refills.

I worked 15 hours a month to pay rent.

Can you do that today with your job?

Inflation caused by wars.

Today the Bauery Boys make money off of dying soldiers in Pakistan, Philippines, Chetznya, Afghanistan, Central West Africa - etc.

For You Intel Geeks:

1) Russia, and Pres Putin - within 48 hours the sun will burp on Russia. This is a warning to Pres Putin of times to come in his life and in Mother Russia since he did not act in accordance to what the Living God has asked him to do.

2) America - you are not going to like what is coming. We have stated this over and over again but you will have to wait until I further insulate my office - it's cold up here.

3) President Obama - you and several of your doubles have Prostrate Cancer - something about what your were all exposed to recently.

GOD was right when you had lung cancer, HE is right now.

4) Pres Putin and your double - eat Sea Weed and I recommend Immusist because you are developing cancer in the throat. Wait until the US releases of 3 A/B viruses in March and April - the B part is in the GMO wheat YOU ate yesterday Vladimir and I have cure. Yup - YOU got poisoned yesterday and do not expect Lucifer to bail you out this time. You have ignored GOD. That was not smart.
Please pray that the world wakes up.

You Heard It First, Here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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