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Fri Dec 6, 2013 12:32

About 48 hours ago I was given a warning to broadcast here on APFN to President Putin and the Russians.

To verify this warning GOD was to sent a Plasma Blast directly at Moscow - not a big one, but a message.

The Russian leadership was warned and last night at 1AM I awoke at 1AM (West Coast Time) and went to SOHOWWW and watched the Plasma Burst blast directly at Moscow.

Go to SOHOWWW and watch the MPEG film of the Red Sun. It was a doozie - not even reported on N3KL.ORG

It is likely no one in Moscow even noticed - but I am sure the Presidential Staff noticed, as well as the Israeli and Russian Parliaments.

You see - their boss Lucifer was unable to stop the Plasma Blast - which means that whoever I get my information form can stomp Lucifer's Face into the ground.

There is nothing more that can be done for Mother Russia i it's leadership is so corrupt they do not care what happens to their people.

As the economy unwinds in America this spring both Russia and China will also see huge economic tanking - partly because of the economy and partly because the weather is now getting "Squirly" as of 1 December.

GOD is trying to reach out to his people and to the world leaders but few seem to be listening.

It appears Pres Putin that you have chosen Lucifer over your own people, as has PM Medvedev - who has something going on in his lower back as I see tiny Tumors. He is under attack from Microwave Energy - he is being Cooked Alive in his own house.

Let him figure it out - after all, isn't Lucifer your friend?

Yea - the st Dir of Space Command, Loyal to Lucifer, still lies in a hospital bed as a half vegetable after a stroke. Good friend Lucifer is - ha!
Please pray that this worsening of the economy and weather does not effect you personally.

You heard it first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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