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Mon Dec 9, 2013 14:45

Once again another article intended for a veteran in need.

With President Obama considering the termination of Extended Unemployment Benefits beginning 1 January this will hit around 5 million people had between 1 January and 30 March 2014 as their unemployment will be terminated.

This number includes about 600,000 vets.

First - here are some numbers for local service organizations that, when called, will give YOU the local number for you get help:

1) DAV - 206-341-8267 - One Million Members
2) American Legion - Same
3) NAB Vets - 206-341-8281
4) Paralyzed Vets of America - 206-220-6176
5) VFW - 206-341-8284
6) Vietnam Vets of America - 206-341-8294

If I have any problems I call the Disabled American Vets or the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The Power Hour with Captain Joyce Riley

If you are foot loose and fancy free and wish to move to a place that is Vet Friendly to get a job here are the hottest cities for our vets, but also consider:

1) Houston - Unemployment 2.9%
2) Dallas
3) Minneapolis
4) Oklahoma City
5) Austin
6) Norfolk
7) Tampa
8) Salt Lake City - This is a really pro vet city.
9) Orlando
10) Fort Lauderdale

Thank you USAA for this month's Article for our vets.

You also might consider moving to North Dakota and working in the oil fields as work there is plentiful right now.

Another job field NO ONE wants to enter is Crane Operator.

The Crane Operator's Union is desperate for qualified workers and pay starts at $100 per hour -- but it is very tough work and I am told the school is very hard ------ but any vet who made it through Basic Training should have no problem there.

Do Not use drugs or alcohol, stay home and study, and the in the end you will be starting at about 60 hours a week and about $100/Hour - or about $4,000.wk take home pay.

For our Combat Vets - never forget two words: VETERAN'S PENSION.

IF you have your records and you cannot find work and spent 2 years in service the VA will pay you about $1000/Mo for the rest of your life.

Dr Will P Wilson of the All Day Live TV show knows allot about this program so you may call his show and ans - or just go to the nearest Disabled American Veterans Office (DAV) or the American Legion to sign up.

Later - once you have this in hand - you may apply for disability. Two totally different programs.

I began my Army Career like every body else - as a Private. I made E-6 and then climbed the ranks to Captain.

One last thing - YOU are not depressed - just angry at what happened to you. Once YOU realize that you can re-direct your anger to more productive endevours - like writing articles to anger those who are destroying America.

When you get all angry at the world and the Government go to Blog Spot and create a free web site, or Face Book, and let it all come out - it is like a pressure relief valve for our vets.

US Veterans - we thank you for your service.

A special thanks to the DA and American Legion for helping re-establish the Veterans Pension with me and getting 100,000 vets off the streets.

Captain William B. Mount

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