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THE 39 STEPS OF 2013
Mon Dec 9, 2013 15:41

We have appealed to the world leaders, and to people across the globe, to change their ways and turn to the living GOD.

For 7 years now GOD has had me expose the worst most horrible things that could occur to stop them:

1) Six assassination attempts against Putin
2) Three Attempts against Medvedev
3) Four against Bush
4) 3 Against Perry, 3 against Merkel
5) Over 60 against Obama
6) Over 50 Nuclear False Flags against America
7) Two against London
8) Several against Israel, Rome, and other cities around the world.

All of the news articles confirming what I have done sit in a filing cabinet collecting dust.

In 7 years not one thank you - not one, from anyone who is still alive to the world leaders who are not dead.

SO here is what GOD has decided to do:

1) The Sun has gone Hot/Cold. The weather will get squirly. It will spit Plasma at the Earth.

China - you are already seeing huge inversions and huge smog in your major cities due to this.

Russia - Deep Freezes and thawing

Fires across the globe will increase, as will Hurricanes. We still have that formula that will stop a Forest Fire in it's tracks and is non toxic and cheap to make.

2) Sun Proton Bursts - causing the Earth to Rumble and Roll and the Grid to become unstable in some areas.

3) State Department of Transportation will increase their budget to BLOCK major freeways with paid drivers.

4) Car troubles on the freeways will increase across the nation, and across the world.

5) Riots in the US, China and across the world as the economy begins to faulter in early Summer/Late Spring.

6) Train wrecks up the Ying Yang as Acid Rain washed the Calcium away and the soil shifts under the tracks. A for the train that derailed in New York a few days ago - the Driver pulled the Emergency Brake was pulled and nothing happened at 84MPH - you figure that one out.

7) In certain area a the Oceans will turn RED with a sort of Death Algae - like a Red Tide. The fumes are toxic.

8) I see mountains of dead in Africa war, famine and a form of MERS that kills 90% of all Brown Eyes. The cure sits on my desk.

9) Egypt will go to war internally due to US funding.

10) As Pres Obama brings in another 6 Million Black Muslims from Africa to place on the rolls of Welfare and Social Security I see the Welfare being cut allot - enough to create riots across the country as he laughs at us.

11) Joint Chiefs of Staff will remain Lilly Livered Cowards bent on US destruction and a Nuclear War.

12) As of 31 December 2013 over 50% of all Americans will be sucking off the 90 million full time employed American's.

13) By Mar/Apr we will see interest rates rise and large inflation to compensate for the Obama Economic Destruction as it is implemented.

14) Huge FD push to eliminate vitamins and health clinics - to help kill Americans - as ordered by Obama -- per the Cloward Bivens Model.

15) By ht years end - if Obama has not started WW# - only a few nations in the UK will trade with the US using Federal Reserve Notes: UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada nd maybe NATO - Maybe.

16) Huge numbers of homes to be purchased using Digital Dollars by Rothchild's owned companies like Fortress Financial as Foreclosures sky rocket.

Your homes swill then be rented back to you.

17) American and European homeless numbers will triple over the next year.

18) Bridges across America will begin to fail as money is diverted from road repair to welfare and Lawyers.

19) I see Obama declaring himself Der Furher openly to Congress claiming: "Only a dictator can truly know and implement the will of the people."

Adolf Hitler 1933.

20) Weather will severely damage aircraft around the world so th real cost to fly will increase.

21) Huge consolidation of businesses across America as the Obama follows in Hitler's foot steps.

22) FEMA camps will open - first as "Homeless Shelters" and then to retrain dissidents.

23) Crime will sky rocket as homeless rates skyrocket beginning in mid-late summer. may will go to FEMA Camps to "Retrain." Once you go in you will never come out.

24) By June even a Moron will notice the level of inflation.

25) I see red skies across the world - Red - and they are not good.

26) A new A/B flu will be released and the B will tie into the GMO Wheat. If you do not eat GMO whet you will not get the virus. The goal here is to kill Brown Eyed People. Thank You Homeland Security Plum Island Bio Weapons Facility adn the one in Hamilton Montana.

27) New GMO wheat to be released in May will modify your DNA into --- we do not know.

28) Millions sick in China by June due to Monsanto's New GMO rice. China - you need to kill ALL Monsanto Employees or watch your relative drop dead in the millions, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

29) Over 1 Million cases of Cancer in Japan in 2014. Black Dragon Society - You could have done as we asked and you could have avoided this. You are either stupid (I Doubt) or purposefully murdering millions of Japanese people and the Living GOD will now deal with your organization.

30) I see weird and strange looking fish off the Japanese Coast - Godzila, no - but really strange just the same.

31) The Rothchilds (Bauery Boys) will increase their attempts to create a Nuclear False Flag and thus WW3. They need to be contained, the Jesuits killed or we are all dead and Earth will be destroyed - not kidding.

32) Mississippi valley will continue to shift and parts of the river rise ever so slowly - but rising as pressure builds Thunderhorse thanks to Homeland Securities injections of Phosgene Gas into the oil deposits.

33) Total disaster in Summed Olympics - too many security agencies fighting amongst themselves.

34) Rain will come down in buckets all across the globe flooding.

35) Huge weather anomalies in the South Pacific ans the Rothchilds and Rockefellars try to seize Yangsha Island's Gold and Indonesia's Gold.

36) Large layoffs in US corporations like the EPA and FDA - causing women to be laid off. Since no one will hire an ex-government employee they will necessarily go homeless.

37) Huge problems with LSD derivatives (US Army Lethal Drug 164) across the world - drugs like Prozac and other "Anti Depressants."

38) Economy will continue to go down despite Government Lies and by May the market will respond.

29) News will be broadcast that there is only 1 ounce of gold or silver for every 100 certificates owned and then the Rothchilds plan to crash the market. When you hear that news - get out of the market.
Enough - Too Much Info - TMI

May I humbly suggest that the world leaders who have already been contacted seriously consider doing as the Living GOD has directed you to do.

Please pray that the Living GOD kicks the rear ends of every world leader who has had their life saved as a result of APFN and the do as they were asked to do by the Living GOD - I mean pray that they really get their butts kicked hard.

Focus - kicked hard.

You heard it first, here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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