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Tue Dec 10, 2013 17:02

More than any other question I have been asked about food production.

Since the day President Obama took control of the united states of America through a Dictatorship crop production wheat, corn, rice - all declining.

Much of the produce now being produced, like wheat and corn, are now classified by the FDA as an "Allergan" rather than a food.

In fact - any nation now using the Federal Reserve Dollar to trade with also has had their crop production reduced.

This is being done through

1) Pulling land out of crop production through the EPA and illegal taxation mandated by the US Corporation.

Ex: Rhubarb farms were taxed at $3,000/ac/yr 10 years ago and in one year the taxes went to $15,000/Ac/Yr. Crop planting fell 80% in 1 year here in Pierce County. Their taxes went from Farm Taxes to Real Estate Taxes illegally. Most farmers just went out of business rather than fight.

2) GMO Products. The yield here is usually less than the normal wheat - but the GMO wheat kills you so it is grown. The chemical produced in the GMO wheat have, in many cases, sterilized the soil so crop production is really falling.

3) Weather. It is going to get really bad really fast, so says the I AM That I Am. who was and is and is to come.

Ex: The intense Forest Fires in Russia and China have cost these 2 nations $8 Trillion in Gross Revenues over the next 20 years - a drop in their GNP by over 25%.

See: APFN: The 39 Steps of 2013

Here is the solution. It cannot be implemented immediately in foreign nations, not the US. We are toast thanks to Obama.

1) Start manufacturing the chemical that will stop Forest Fires in the Jewish Oblast of Russia. This will be a Joint Chinese/Russian venture which will use excess profits to plant more more trees for those lost. In a period of 60 years both China and Russia will be the major timber producers for the planet.

I propose a joint venture with Pres Putin as a partner along with PM Medvedev.

2) Initiate a factory to use the product I designed for crop production in China and Russia. Crops will become more resistant to weather changes and the testing I have done shows a minimum of 20% increase in drop production.

This would allow the original Spelt, Kemer and Kamut to be grown at the same production rate as Winter Red Wheat.

Since these specialty wheats sell for a greater price than Winter Red Wheat or White Wheat profits would be very high.

Again - I propose a factory in the Jewish Oblast. The Russian Trans Continental Railway would move the product through Russia.

This would also eliminate the need for pesticides - thus hurting American Companies now engaged in selling Russia and China these pesticides.

If is could be done in America I would do it - but it is too corrupt to do this here and now one seems to care. So let us talk our products to those who like to make lots of money. Again - the same partners as above.

Regional sales to other nations to put marginal lands into crop production would also bolster Russian and Chinese profits and the employment of Jewish Workers may bolster Russian/Israeli ties.

The increase in population due to these marginal lands being put into production would help Russia bolster it's own population - and thus taxation - and I believe would lead Russia into a real Golden Age.

It is completely up to the Russian and Chinese leadership.

You want to win the economic war - then come forward.

By the way - another nation has come forward to work with us on the $20 Trillion Dollars in financial assets. To bad DOD - you could have had it all.

Enough for now.
Please pray for these products to be picked up by Russia and China. The profits I made would, of of necessity, be used to pay APFN writers.

You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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