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willpwilson 908
Japan is in a Extinction Event & China Only Wants 2 Islands?
Sat Dec 14, 2013 21:05

Japan (And, the entire world) is now in an Extinction Event (Fukushima, etc) & China Only Wants 2 Senkaku Islands, and is now facing off to have the (pissing) rights for these two useless islands, instead of offering any help for the millions of Japanese who are now going to be dead soon due to Fukushima?

China Japan Senkaku Island Stand-Off -

China's dispute with Japan risks an accidental conflict
The row over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands is a toxic mix of two rising nationalisms and unresolved mutual resentments - Isabel Hilton -

And, this un believable pissing match is now transcending while the entire world is being contaminated with Nuclear run off and blow off and soon to be considered as exploded off Nuclear Fall Out and float Out (Run Off & Worldwide Drift Off) from Fukushima, and is China offering to help Japan? At all at this time? Are they? At all?

Do they, (China) really need to extinct (exterminate) the entire ancient culture of the Japanese, in order to claim their rights over two (stupid) islands?

Two stupid uninhabited islands? Does China simply have the international right to now direct it's now extremely advancing and increasing military to begin taking what China is now claiming belongs to the China Inc.?

Are we now observing, thereof, only thus a merely stupid (agenda-ized - luring, and media diversion.) to soon now augment, or thereof begin China's (China Inc.) claiming of their ownership of all of (U.S. Inc.) America, soon?

Thereof, from and due to the selling out of this country by the now so called governmental (Rothsschild-Rockefeller-Jesuit-Illuminati paid for U.S. Governmental Whores.) whores who now monopolize their complete (AIPAC.) control of the entire (Military, Defense, & Banking system control of the entire U.S. Corp., government.)?

Thereof, of the entire U.S. Corporate Inc., government and thereof, this is now about to transcend, (Thereof, take place.) here in the U.S. now, soon to be mass human elimination and occupation?

Is, or are (They) - (China) about to trample Japan on the way to taking back this debt that is now owed to China from the debt that has been created to entrap the United States peoples, to now be mass eliminated and exterminated by China, (And, Russia, and Islam.) and Rothschild, etc.?

A debt that is now claimable by China and that is by all international legal fact a claim that is now owed China by the whore operated U.S. Government and that China, Inc's, now claimed debt from the corporate U.S. whore (Rothschild-Jesuit?) owned and controlled U.S. Corporate Government, Inc. that is now going to be soon a debt that is claimed by China.

A debt that that is via the beginning of the Senkaku Island Stand Off that will now begin (Soon.) that is this now soon to transcend into being a debt reclamation by China, and take over of all of of the United States, Inc.?

(And, the U.S.) The U.S. Inc., is now to be transcended, diverted and lured into a soon to occur warfare exchanged agenda (With China, thereof & Russia (Also.), & (Also.), the Islamic Republics Worldwide will be joining in, this soon to begin slaughter of the American Peoples.)? Most likely.

It is now known that there are now more then five million Chinese, Russian, and Islamic Military Operatives (Foreign Students to name only a few.) (Because apparently there are now several million Chinese & Russian & Islamic U.S. Military trained ( personal now stationed all over North America right now.)? To now implement Agenda 21?

Or thereof, is it that now more then forty percent of all American University-College student populations are foreign students. That these foreign student populations may also now be comprised of Chinese and other exchange students who tie to the future Chinese, Russian and Islamic take over and mass elimination of the American people under the Rothschild (Jesuit) direction and control of their Agenda 21?

And, thereof, are there now large number numbers of foreign students that are now also fully trained (And fully armed possibly (Digitally and other means.) , by the Rothschild-Jesuit controlled U.S. Government, Inc.)? Also?

Thereof, to now begin (Very soon.) the mass elimination of, and the removal of, the U.S. Corporate Populace very soon (Under apparently their Agenda 21). - agenda 21 depopulation - -
(And.) in order to also then to help to effectively also eliminate some of their (China's.) more then three hundred million excess males, (population)?

Thank UNESCO and the United Nations for having been funding China's massive (Mostly female.) infanticide, since the 1950's.

Oh well, it's only a massive and paid for (Rothschild-Rockefeller-Jesuit-United Nations-UNESCO.) eugenics experimental mass human elimination project that is now playing into a surplus of more then three hundred million excess Chinese males who will never marry for life in China. (Yes, the Chinese were and are still paid money to mass infanticide their babies, who were and still are mostly their daughters.)

UNESCO depopulation -

So, do we simply let fate and destiny play into our soon to be a mass planetary extinction event that can only be accelerated by a simple (Stupid.) war over two stupid islands?

China and Japan relations tense after standoff over disputed islands
Tokyo summons Chinese ambassador following naval standoff near Senkaku islands, controlled by Japan but claimed by China

Japan, China and Taiwan in stand-off over tiny Senkaku Islands

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