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willpwilson 908
The Entire West Coast Being Fried by Radiation
Mon Dec 16, 2013 07:41

The Entire West Coast Being Fried by Radiation

The Entire West Coast Being Fried by Radiation -

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima By Michael Snyder, on October 21st, 2013

28 Signs … West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima ….

7 Health Benefits To Eating Fermented Food by Tricia Drevets Off The Grid News, 29 October 2013

28 Signs … West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima …. -

FUKUshIMA: Seven Waves, Away… Abandon Ship*GrISPt5YK*dHTzAI8eA2aqlMjNOoYeQVM89eZYx1pqcAja5Bna5Zp9odTi35wUorA/Captureifmysonsdidnotwantwars..rothschild.JPG*ZEw4-d5O5cp74qzlzqbHfyxKbhbQACNu4R3qTH*yTtvBtU1jnpjlc/Captureonly3countriesleftwithnotrothschildcentralbank.JPG -*qyubOdSjPYwC08NLDzyc0mm4JMkRrzQ6UTtIcVd5BvHI9HYKHWa9pv1NYrm0kxhtHBtKzJ5KZScnvak2fzEn80y1g6ulfo/l_7843003048be40daab78400af3bdb4f0.gif - -*YeuZTmzMrxs/Captureresistancetotyrants.JPG -*UPMoBp3--TpNpqztjE6wV8Odyt5JvNhlGND9sthV4QH0lnEeYe*MP/productimagepictureamericagoesnotabroadadams224.gif - - - - - - - - Update 63 Drills Since 93 With Littleton, Colorado Shooting Drill and Vanished Link
December 16, 2013
Update: 63 Drills Since 93 With Littleton, Colorado Lone Wolf School Shooting Drill and Vanished Graphic Link

63 government drills since 1993 - where the drill 'scenario' turned into the exact actual 'terrorist attack'.

It seems the powers that be are very sensitive about the Drills graphic and information. Please Share It.

Updated 63 Drills Since 93 With Littleton ‘Drill’ So, with Littleton there’s 64, but there have been more.

Spoiler: Straight to: Active Shooter Drills in Littleton, Colorado the Same Day As School Shooting

This Makes 64 But There Have Been More Government 'Drills' Than We Know
This Makes 64 But There Have Been More Government ‘Drills’ Than We Know

Ed Ward, MD – ; ;

Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum

Portals: Government Nuclear Weapons’ Top Secret ‘Energy’

Miraculous ‘Unexploded’ Active Super Thermite Burns at 430? Professor, PhD, Steven E Jones’ Search for ‘Truth’

Professor, Steven E Jones, PhD, Still Lying About Tritium and Thermite

UPDATE: Russian Nuclear Anti-Ballistic Missile Splits The Chelyabinsk Meteor

Alzheimer’s Disease: Deadly Infectious Cause Known and Hidden – Prions

Meet “badBIOS”: Son of Flame – Stuxnet; To Kill A Centrifuge Then Infect the Planet?

Update: Suitcase Nukes, Why No WTC Radiation and Samuel Cohen Quotes on Residual Pure Fusion Neutron Bomb Radiation

Zionism – The Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind

Talmud: The ‘Bible’ of Genocidal Bigots. Conflicting Zionist Lies Expose “Tob Shebbe Goyyim Harog”, and Warning: The Deadliest CAMERA on the Internet

Anderson Cooper and CNN Caught Staging Fake News about Syria to Justify Military Intervention [videos]

Infowars ‘Out Psyops’ BBC: Exposes DC Naval Yard SWAT Propaganda?

US Government ‘Carrots’: The Eternal Path to Servitude

America’s Only Real Choice: Constitution or Tyranny?

The US: “A Distorted, Bastardized, Illegitimate Government.”

Two FBI Agents Murdered Over Danny’s $235,000? The Closing of ‘Loose Lips Sinks Ships’?

Update: Witnesses Saw People ‘Vaporized’ on 9 11

Evidence: Syria Gas Attack Work of US Allies

Dimona Does Damascus: Israeli Nukes in Damascus, Syria

More US Drill Death in Waco Explosion – Drill Stops for Reality, Again

Boston Marathon: The Finish Line For US Treason. Drill Death. Everything’s In Place For Police State. by Ed Ward, MD

Pictures: US Boston Weapon – Both ‘Explosions’ – The Secret of the Pure Fusion Weapon – Li7 – Lithium 7

The US Wouldn’t Nuke Its Own People – Wake Up and Glow

Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement

9 11 Fake Video Stars: The J Star Clones – Why Covert Operation’s Cointel Must Have ‘Fake’ Video and ‘No Planes’

Ed Ward, MD VS Jefferson Parish, LA, DA, P D Connick, Jr – DCFS Stasi Child Support Division? Legal Disabled Death Decrees

Jefferson Parish, LA, DA, Paul D. Connick, Jr’s DSFC: MASSIVE FRAUDULENT ’5%’ ACCOUNTING Is 79.58% Yearly Surcharge? 11/12/2013

Bill Moyers, The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis – 1987 – Part 1 of 9

Who’s Lying? A Simple Tale of Unbiased Global Warming Facts: ‘The Mysterious CO2 Planets: Mars, Venus and Earth

GeoEngineering*: The Basic Science of Cooler Summer and Frigid Winter – The Answer to the Scam of ‘If it’s ‘global warming’, why is it so cold?’ *ChemTrails

Global Warming: Massive Ice Methane and More Noted by Ed Ward, MD 2-26-07


Israel’s WWDs: German Made Nuclear Armed Dolphins

FUKUshIMA: Seven Waves, Away… Abandon Ship

Happy 12th Anniversary of Murder and Treason:

What Is Wrong With the US government and all its accessories before and after the fact? Nothing that Work Strikes, Boycotts, Trials*, Accountability, and a quick dance at the end of a rope won’t fix. * Constitutional Trials: Based on all ‘laws’ and ‘rights’ granted or denied by the Original Intent Interpretation of the Constitution and in particular the Bill of Rights – The only interpretation allowed by the Constitution.

Dr. Ed Ward MD, AS, BS, MD – Reporting and investigating Constitutional abuses of the US government for almost 2 decades. AS, BS in Medical Technology – Minor in Organic Chemistry and Physics, volunteer during the Viet Nam war 6 years stateside active duty ‘med tech’ ‘US Air Farce’ – a decade experience in Medical Technology. MD degree from LSU, New Orleans – 2 decades in the field of General Practice. (My) Articles are also referenced by valid experts in their field.

About: Ed Ward, MD’s Blog of Referenced Facts, and Me, Dr Ed Ward, MD Congratulations! If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it through a MASSIVE Maze of government propaganda, censorship, and Psyops. To the Best of my Knowledge and Evaluation, You will only find the referenced, pertinent facts for the ID and Remedy of Our governments fascism, as well as world wide government fascism here… Continues Dr Ed

    It is out. The first audit of the Federal Reserve System, and here is are the results. The excess profits were supposed to go to YOU, but instead went to the following folks, over $12 Trillion... more
    • The Entire West Coast Being Fried by Radiation — willpwilson 908, Mon Dec 16 07:41
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