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Mon Jan 6, 2014 15:58

Yesterday I was looking at a picture of a 5 year old white male who died at a hospital in Oregon - he had the "flu." He also had a White aura - he was killed with a vaccination that had a bug that, when mixed with the new H2N7 being released this month, killed him. Hos name will not be released for obvious reasons.

Happy New Year Mommy and Daddy.
What is coming will shock you.

Lets handle the VA fraud first. The names of the individuals will be with held as I was asked to keep this quiet - but they are Govt Doctors.

I was asked to verify the fact that 2 US Doctors had valid degrees form a very prominent Eastern European Medical School. When I spoke with the Dean there had no record of either student even attending these schools and there was no record of them living there either.

I later tracked down the forgers of the document and we actually had tea at midnight. It was actually a very enjoyable experience and he figured if the money was right he would do it. If an American Hospital decided to hire them based on no verification it is their fault - not his.

He was 100% right.

When I returned to the VA hospital in Seattle I asked the Chief Patient Representative if he could verify the Foreign Medical Degree at his hospital because of what I found out. I was told that is I pushed the issue I would be arrested by VA cops - Private Security Cops - and thrown in the Luny Bin permanently.

So the VA response told me that the foreign doctors do nowt have degrees.

I once asked a dentist from Cambodia who was about to fill a tooth is she had a dental degree because she wore a badge that said Dentist - she told me "NO", she was here as a Medical Assistant to learn how to pull teeth for refugee camps.

Wonder why I will not go back to the VA for health care?
As for this Virus - the New Flu Virus that is hitting America was manufactured and created in Plum Island by, your friends, Homeland security.

When the NEW WHEAT hits our table in April, (((((the market is planned to crash, another attempt on Obama and another Nuke in a US City where Obama is planning to speak, and a new Parasite is sprayed on us by the USAF 60th Air Wing, and a Corn Fungus is released by US Aircraft Overseas to create a food shortage, and the GMO Barley and Wheat Spores are sprayed on the "Family Of Nations" to kill their food supply (US CONPLAN 8010-12)))))) you may see a tremendous outbreak of "THE FLU."

This NEW FLU will effect every world leader since they have all eaten wheat products from the US Corporation.

Be proud - only in America could we orchestrate the death of so many innocent folks for no reason but to feel their pain.

Those in London plan to hit us from every angle - including using Clergy to lead us into FEMA camps so as we look behind us we see our homes burning to the ground.

Look what they did in Hurricane Catrina.

You have to admire the brilliance of evil and the stupidity and laziness of the American People - 300 Million TV Watchers that do not even call their Congressman once in their entire life time.

Arrogantly Ignorantly Stupid.
Please Pray that those in the White House and the DOD driving this killing are destroyed immediately.

Please also pray that the commanding general of all US Forces gets relief for his Erectile Disfunction and they stop the VA from selling military records around the world - especially of folks who know things like this.

It's OK though - General Dempsey also has the beginnings of Colon Cancer - so Erectile Disfunction is not so bad.

You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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