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MP3: RADIO YOUR WAY: 1/2/14 1/3/14
Tue Jan 7, 2014 05:37

MP3: RADIO YOUR WAY: 1/2/14 1/3/14


The Angel Effect
Thursday January 2, 2014
Author John Geiger discussed the "angel effect," experiences that occur to people during times of extreme stress when they feel an often unseen presence that guides and calms them. First hour guest, mechanical engineer Marshall...
Host: George Noory
Guest(s): John Geiger, Marshall Klarfeld

9-11 The Pentagon The Evidence & Conspiracy - Barbara Honegger Pdx 911 Truth

1932: Speak Not of Parties But of Universal Principles


  • AND YET MORE FRAUD AT THE VA, AND A NEW DISEASEWilliam Mount, Mon Jan 6 15:58
    Yesterday I was looking at a picture of a 5 year old white male who died at a hospital in Oregon - he had the "flu." He also had a White aura - he was killed with a vaccination that had a bug that,... more
    • MP3: RADIO YOUR WAY: 1/2/14 1/3/14 — APFN, Tue Jan 7 05:37
    • Planet Earth is Now Dying. Nuclear Corporations have done this to us and to the entire planet. The trees are going to start to die. The oceans are already dying, and soon many people around all of us ... more
      • Douglas dietrich [ Fukushima Daiichi nuclear attack ] LNM Great INFO guys = Great and information ! Very scary shit.Were do these people get the balls to... more
        • "Douglas Dietrich: Renegade Military Historian" Douglas dietrich [ Fukushima Daiichi nuclear attack ] LNM Roswell, Operation... more
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