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Douglas dietrich [ Fukushima Daiichi nuclear attack
Tue Jan 7, 2014 12:35

Douglas dietrich [ Fukushima Daiichi nuclear attack ] LNM

Great INFO guys = Great and information ! Very scary shit.Were do these people get the balls to kill millions and millions of people and get away with it man.This is pure Evil what these demonic loving crazy ass lunatics running the world are doing to people.These Evil pricks need to be taken down before they do the worse ! Which would be to take everyone with them ! And kill us all.These bastards have control of Nuclear weapons = Generals = Obama = And anyone under their control CAN KILL US ALL


Roswell, Operation Highjump and the Opium Wars - Douglas Dietrich

Exopolitics has been described as 'the new social science of transformation'. With a wider disclosure element at its core - it attempts to add new reference points to a number of fields that include UFOlogy whilst simultaneously exploring new energy systems and the scientific paradigm.


The Byrd Expedition was the first American expedition to explore Antarctica since the U. S. Exploring Expedition under Charles Wilkes in 1840. The expedition launched a revival of interest in the Antarctic for Americans, an area much in the public mind during the early 1800's.

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    • Douglas dietrich [ Fukushima Daiichi nuclear attack — APFN, Tue Jan 7 12:35
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