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Thu Jan 9, 2014 15:20

Today I received in the mail another renewal notice for my dog's Verachip in his neck.

The company was bought out by "Home Again", which is owned by MERCK - THEBig Pharma company. On the back of the form ALL companies that are controlled, or owned, by Merck share information.

This means that if MERCK now has on record my complete Military Record and Medical Records. At will this German (Bohemia) company could literally disable my dog and break into my house.

A little History - MERCK was started in Germany in 1668 in Germany selling herbs.

In 1941 MERCK was seized by the NAZIs and continues to be owned by the German Government - although it is on the Stock Market. It's Corporate Sales of MERCK KGaE are around $30 Billion/yr and its MERCK subsidiary around $48 Billion per year.

Total MERCK sales of all subsidiaries run over $100 Billion Dollars per year.

So here is how this little Diabetes Conspiracy works:

Alloxen is made by MERCK.

Alloxen is used in White Bread to help "Whiten" up the flour. This little chemical is actually formed in small quantities when one eats the NEW GMO wheat and eats high levels 0of Chlorine found in drinking water.

Alloxen mixes with NEW Wheat Protein and forms a chemical that kills Beta cells in your Pancreas and thus induces Diabetes and makes YOU fat.

In fact - if one wished to induce diabetes in lab rats Alloxen is feed to these rats so new Diabetes drugs may be tested.

After MERCK started putting Alloxen in wheat they also began producing a drug called "Metformin." This drug reduced blood sugar levels caused by diabetes, makes you stupid and dissolves your muscles.

Shortly after that MERCK began selling Lisinopril - a drug that stops the High Blood Sugar Levels caused by their Alloxen form destroying your liver,

Both Metformin and Lisinoprin cause Heart, Liver and Kidney problems which are solved by another batch of MERCK drugs.

In other words - these Bohemian NAZIs not only create a disease they come out with the drug that makes you stupid and kills you to counter the effects of the disease they created.

Folks - we lost WW2 because we fell asleep after the war - yet these NAZIs just kept on going.

So what does the IMF Owned Corporation called the FDA think?

They hire MERCK employees in droves - so what do you think.

It is Treason at the top and the Joint chiefs of COWARDS and not going to stop it. Their Commander has Erectile Dis-function and the Chief of the US Marines has a hurt hip. They are worthless to stop this treason.
Does the conspiracy end there - I think not.

Well - it appears that Alloxen is also used to make White Rice Noodles all around the world. Apparently what goes in White Rice is not pure rice --- it is a myriad of rotten wheat and pother grains that are bleached.

So you go Gluten Free only to find not only wheat but Alloxen in these Rice and Bean noodles and the FDA turns a deaf ear to this so they can be re-hired by MERCK if needed.

One happy family of fat stupid people running the world - but they are powerful and will continue to be so until GOD pulls the plug.
So what do you do?

1) First - eat Organic. Natural means nothing. We just bought some "Natural" Crandbaries that smell like Diesel.

2) Second - Eat it if you can see what is in it. Do not eat Rice Noodles - eat rice.

3) Buy a Rice Cooker and eat allot of rice. Make sure you wash the Fungicide off first and if you need to store it long term mix it with Diatamatious Earth so you do not get worms.

4) Eat Spelt Bread (Famous Dave's) and Non-Gluten Breads.

5) If you buy a vitamin buy one made of Whole Foods. Since the FDA Corporation owns the term "Organic" they can allow deadly chemicals to be added to any food claiming to be Organic so shop carefully.

Many of the Chemical Created Vitamins do not contain exactly what is in the labels - especially ones made in China.

6) Vote for, and demand, budget reductions all across the board in the US Corporation and other US based Corporations like the FDA. They are not here to help you - they are from the Government and none of these "Corporate Freaks" are welcome in this Ambassador's House.
So there you have it - a company that creates a disease purposely and then make the products to help alleviate the pain they create - a company based in, and seized by in 1941. the NAZI Homeland - Bohemia.

Can we Zeig Heil yet?

For You Intel Geeks:

Did not GOD tell you that within a Fortnight last Friday on the Radio:

GOD is never wrong.

Watch what comes next - within another Fortnight.
Russia - Olympics - I live in the wrong area to do this - catacomes under the stadium?
Please Pray that MERCK goes away.

You heard this one first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount,d.cGU,d.cGU

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