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by MalcontentX
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Last Update: January 20, 2002
Citizens'Commission into 9-11


This website is dedicated to help discover the truth
about what occurred on Sept 11th, 2001.

The emphasis here is on an exhaustive
examination of fully-referenced fact,
rather than speculation, circumstantial evidence,
or "conspiracy-theory."

Please find below,
documentation concerning the events:

Sept 11: Unanswered Questions (part 1)
Some comments from readers
on this 8-part, 140 pg. document,

"While this analysis follows closely in the footsteps...
of analysis from The Emperor’s New Clothes (
it is considerably more complete and thorough in its scope."
editors at SCOOP,

"very substantial piece.... everyone interested in [9/11] should get a copy...
absolutely superb as a timeline analysis of everything that was going on...
and raising extremely searching questions"
Jim Fetzer, noted researcher, author of "Murder in Dealey Plaza" #67

Review from Indymedia,
"MalcontentX’s... investigation of the unanswered questions stemming from September 11th
is exactly the kind of reporting and inquiry I had been looking for....
presents the evidence... on which to call the US government to account"

Michael Rectenwald,,
"yours is the first analysis that
does nothing but interrogate the events and ask questions,
without jumping to "remote controlled" planes, fore-knowledge and malicious
intent of Bush, and whatever other tales are out there.
Yours sticks to the ground of history very well, and really probes the events. Excellent job."

"I just read your article, summarizing one of the big 911 issues in the most
detailed, critical, non-judgemental (and sometimes quite original and poetical,
by the way) I have ever seen."
Biorn I., reader from France

Readers who are not familiar with
Sept 11: Unanswered Questions Part 1,
are encouraged to review it first, for all the documents that follow
are built upon the evidence contained there.
It is a large document, requiring at least a few hours reading;yet it is organized so that readers who are already familiar
with many aspects of this case, can easily distinguish between what is new evidence for yourselves, and what is not.

This document was essentially completed in mid-Feb of 2002; and has been updated as of Sept. 11th, 2002, in accordance with the latest information.

It will be updated on an ongoing basis..

FURTHER Unanswered Questions,
(Part 2)
A document in process. This starts where Part 1 ends; namely,
with the great challenge confronting those of us
who are prepared to wade through massive amounts of information:
attempting to draw conclusions from the areas already covered,
(Air Force Response, the FBI investigation, Pentagonists, Media, Foreign Policy);
exploring areas relatively untouched, (Anthrax, World Trade Center collapse, etc);
and ultimately, the larger social/historical context
by which we may better understand it all.
(last update: Sept 11, 2002)

The State of Our Investigation:
One Year Later, (and then some)
Thoughts on Research, Parts 1-4

What's Left to Talk About? (Thoughts on research, Part 3)Is an Exploration On Why Many of the Leading Voices on the "Left"
Have Avoided Asking Questions About the "official story" Surrounding The Events of Sept. 11, 2001. (60 pages, July 20, 2002)

Related Topics
Although I do not believe that violent resistance to government is an effective means of bringing about change, the times are such that even the criticism of government is becoming dangerous, (for some, sooner than others).

I may not able be return e-mail messages as often as I would like; but feedback, comments, and suggestions are most welcome.

As always, it remains quite possible that this work,
(and any other documents revealing of serious government negligence and deception)
could become the object of a dis-information campaign, hack-attack, etc.

Thus, I ask you to keep this in mind;
and to not let side issues distract you from exploring, demanding,
and gathering together the hard evidence for yourself and others.

Although "SEPT. 11: Unanswered Questions" has now found a secure home,
with a supporive host, readers are encouraged to save any documents to disk.
(Instructions for downloading below)

You who care to read this, have a most auspicious role to play

Be careful,
be confident:
the times that loom dark and fearful,
foretell a time of light.

To save the page to your hard-drive or floppy,
click on "file," then scroll down to "save as."
To send it: "file," scroll down to "send," then "e-mail."

There should be no danger with viruses from downloading these documents;
yet caution in such matters is always prudent, i.e. virus-checks, etc.
For those especially concerned, you may try to
access the site from a library or internet cafe.

Sept 11: Unanswered Questions, (Part 1) is also mirrored at,
and numerous other sites.

There are always avenues
by which we sincere seekers of the truth,
can obtain the inside track on "what's goin' on."

"Mmmmm.... mother, mother......"


INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

"He got out of his hotel suite this morning, [on his way to a school] was about to leave, reporters saw the White House chief of staff, Andy Card, whisper into his ear. The reporter said to the president, 'Do you know what's going on in New York?' He said he did, and he said he will have something about it later." (ABC's John Cochran, Peter Jennings)

Then, (according to CNN) he was informed of the situation at 9am, by National Security Advisor Condaleeza Rice, (telephone) as he was arriving at the school, (CNN, "Breaking News" White House correspondent, Major Garrett, 9:31, Sept.11).

Then the President was updated a third time.

According to Associated Press, he was

"In Sarasota, Florida.... reading to children in a classroom at 9:05 a.m. when his chief of staff, Andrew Card, whispered into his ear." ['AP' 12 September 2001, This also appeared on TV] (4)

And what did George W. Bush do when he received the update from Andrew Card, some five minutes later?

Apparently, nothing.

"The president briefly turned somber before he resumed reading. He addressed the tragedy about a half-hour later." ['AP' 12 September, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 12 September 2001 Pg. A 20]. (5)

Further, according to CNN’s Garrett, (on the scene)

"the spectacular, horrific pictures began appearing on television sets here at the elementary school... Shortly before [his] statement [addressing the tragedy] he was actually sitting down with some children here at the elementary school reading them a book.... Reporters asked him if he was aware of the situation in New York. He nodded a bit gravely, and said he would have something to say about that shortly. ("Breaking News" 9:25)

To the suggestion, (made by CNN anchor Daryn Kagan) that this "exchange of questions with the president came at... a sensitive time... sitting in front of a bunch of schoolchildren... not wanting to scare [them]," Garrett replies:

"Well, precisely. And the president has a way of letting reporters know that it's either an appropriate... or inappropriate time to take questions. He does that in many different environments, many different situations. Clearly this morning, with a crowd of children, he wanted to keep an even keel, keep the situation under control as best as possible. He just nodded and said -- we'll talk about this later."

Just after 9:30, the President excused himself from the classroom to make a statement that a "terrorist attack on America has occurred." (CNN, "Breaking News, 9:31)

So, for almost thirty minutes after President Bush was officially updated about this for the the third time, he remained sitting in a classroom of children, (apparently, reading a book about goats).

Does this not seem rather negligent?

As we shall soon see, officials would repeatedly claim that the President was the only one who could order a domestic airliner to be shot down.

Why did he remain sitting in the classroom? Why did he even GO into the classroom in the first place? -if he had already been informed, not once but twice?

Was he not told the whole story?

Three months later, on nationwide TV, President Bush tells a captive audience,

"I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works. And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."

This is a very interesting statement for Bush to make, seeing as the first plane, (at that time) was not actually caught on network TV -striking the tower. Only the second one was.

Clearly, the President is giving the impression that he was not then aware that this plane crash was a terrorist attack; but is this, in fact what we would expect from the commander-in-chief?

As supreme commander, the President is tied into civilian air defense through the secret service.

There is time-honored, standard procedure -whereby, the command-center in the Pentagon, radar defense, the National Security Council, and the President are quickly informed of any national emergencies, including hijackings.

As Vice-President Dick Cheney says on the Sept. 16th edition of "Meet The Press,"

"The secret service has an arrangement with the FAA. They had open lines after the World Trade Center was...."

Cheney neglects to finish his sentance, but the implications are clear.

The FAA suspected that Flight 11 was hijacked at 8:20, and confirmed it with NORAD at 8:38, well before the plane struck the tower at 8:46; thus, the Pentagon, and the secret service also knew. (See Unanaswered Questions, Part 1B, for full documentation).

By the time that George W. Bush first admits knowing about the crash, (ten minutes later, about 8:55) he has already been briefed, for he shows no emotional response to either his chief of staff, or the reporters question.

Not only the crash of a single, hijacked plane, but two other planes in close proximity are hijack-suspected/confirmed.

A national emergency is in progress.

All this would have been known by the secret service -and hence, the President.

After his first public admission of being informed, George W. Bush is updated five minutes later, (at 9:00) then five minutes later again, (presumably, about the second plane which crashed into the World Trade Center, at 9:02). (6)

Yet he continues sitting in the classroom with the children; and when reporters dare to ask whether he’s going to do something about it, he appears to suggest that (presumably by some kind of stern expression) ‘now is not an "appropriate" time to talk about it’?

We common folk might be forgiven if we think it only natural that a person might need a few minutes to collect their thoughts; but the commander-in-chief is no ordinary person. In the case of a national emergency, seconds of indecision on his part could cost thousands of lives; and it's precisely for this reason that he has a whole network of adjuncts and advisors to insure that he is among the first to be informed, not the last.

Only at 9:30 did the President finally confirm what the FAA, the military, and the secret service had already known fifty minutes before -and what the entire television-watching world had known for forty.

Tentative conclusion?

Either the President was criminally mis-informed by his own secret service/staff; or he was deliberately mis-representing the extent to which he knew that a national emergency was underway.

His inaction is most unsettling, in the light of the following events.
Flight 77

By 9:05, flight number 77 from Washington, (the "third plane") had been severely off-course some twenty minutes before, (beginning at approx. 8:46). It had made a huge northward /westward/southward loop, before resuming its proper course again. (7)

This fact, (based on the actual radar reports from government and private industry) was likely the source of the above statement, that,

"within a few minutes more... [8:50] controllers would have known that... Flight 77 had probably been hijacked." (NY Times, Sept 15)

At the same time,

"controllers at Washington Air Route Traffic Control Center—who handled American Airlines Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon—knew about the hijacking of American Flight 11 even before it crashed [at 8:46] CNN, Sept 16, ibid."

Village Voice, Sept 13 (8)

Thus, when Flight 77 started to go off-course, the Air Traffic Control officials, (ATC) who were watching the plane, were also aware that another plane on the east coast had been hijacked-confirmed.

Around this time, they would also have been informed that Flight 175 had been declared "hijacked," (at 8:43, CNN, Sept 16, ibid, earlier than the NY Times article suggests. This CNN document is based on official government timeline: NORAD).

Thus, two other planes were officially confirmed as hijacked, by the time that Flight 77 had begun to go dramatically off-course.

Within minutes, these officials would be informed that Flight 11 had crashed into the World Trade Center.

They should have been extremely concerned.

Flight 77 managed to return to it's proper westward course, after flying about twenty miles north, then west, then south; yet officials should have still been on a high state of alert.

[NOTE: we don't know what kind of radio communications existed between ATC officials and Flight 77; because, for some reason, the FBI has not publicly released the tapes; so it's possible that, with radio contact, (and a clear sign of "ok" from the pilot) officials were convinced that things were under control, once the plane was back on its original course].

Yet the fact remains that the plane these officials were monitoring had been well off-course around the same time that two other planes in the area had been hijacked; and now, by 9:05 (at the same time that President Bush was updated) a second crash into the World Trade Center had occurred, in what was now confirmed to be two, intentional terrorist attacks.

At the very least, the officials must have had suspicians, (as the NY Times article, cited above clearly suggests).

Then, at approx. 9:00am, Flight 77 ceases its transponder signal.

For a very short period of time, (as they frantically try to regain radar contact through other facilities) ATC officials would have been unaware that Flight 77 had made a 180 degree turn near the Ohio state border, and was heading straight back for Washington.

(NOTE: according to Newsday, (Sept 23rd) this occurred at 8:55,

calculations based on the above radar map, take-off time, crash time, etc. suggests it was likely about five minutes after that. See note 7).

At any rate, according to the above source,

"9:06, Washington notifies all air traffic facilities nationwide of the suspected hijacking of Flight 11."

This was as clear an expression of a national emergency as these officials had ever known; and yet, although "military officials in a command center on the east side of the [Pentagon] were urgently talking to law enf

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