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willpwilson 908
The Alien Agenda and their Underground Bases,
Mon Jan 20, 2014 14:47

The Alien Agenda and their Underground Bases Saturday, January 18, 2014 Deep in north central New Mexico is the sleepy little town of Dulce. Dulce is located on the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado – New Mexico Border. It is home to about 3000 residents and is the capitol of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. For as small and as insignificant as this remote location may sound, it became the center of controversy in the early 1980′s.

Physicist and inventor, Paul Bennewitz claimed he had discovered an underground base occupied by extraterrestrials near Dulce. His story quickly spread through the UFO community. Allegations that surround the base include human abductions (“alien abductions”) by these extraterrestrial beings.

He also asserted that the extraterrestrials were engaging in the development of advanced technology including genetic manipulation. Their plan, according to Conspiracy Theorists, is to control the government and gain ultimate control of the Earth by means of a New World Order. - Underground City

Stories have emerged regarding an untoward alliance between humans and the inhabitants of the Dulce base which include ties to shadow governments via secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Masons, the Bilderberg Group and the Skull and Bones. Dulce is not the only place on earth where it is believed underground bases exist, but it is the one which has received the greatest notoriety in recent times.

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Deep Underground Military Base DUMB - SHANE MCGARRY

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willpwilson 908 Dr. Preston James, Alien Agenda III,
Mon Jan 20, 2014;article=148842;title=APFN

Documentary - ANCIENT MAN MADE TUNNELS - Underground Civilizations
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Ancient Sacred Symbol Key to Anti-Gravity? Friday, January 17, 2014

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Huge Sea Monster caught, Vietnam!! 2013 [Video] Please share ASAP

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An updated & ongoing video series documenting the many poisons (physical, psychological & spiritual) within our sick, poisoned world. - "The reality will scare you but the Truth shall set you free." -
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