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Tue Jan 21, 2014 15:58

We must understand history or we are doomed to repeat it.

For those looking to the skies - whatever Alien Species that fly past our planet and do nothing to help Mankind will be dealt with ever so harshly by the Living GOD when HIS son returns.

There is a price to pay for stupidity.

Now a story from the past to understand the furure.
The HMS Vitoria:

The Vittoria was a ship commissioned in the British Navy during World War 1 and was meant to hunt down German Submarines.

She was 300 feet long and had a crew of about 100 men, all volunteers who were there to try and help stop this dreadful war.

When was a proud ship of the Verulm Class destroyers. Her mission was to stop the German U-Boats from sinking American Ships carrying food to the besieged British Isles.

Many of the men of this ship had families and children and simply wished this insane war never had begun.

After the war the Vittoria was converted to a Mine Layer and sent to mine Russian Ports in 1919.

Yes - in 1919 the English were at war with Russia.

The Internet, especiallty Wikipedia, clearly states that the Irish, French, UK, US Union (I F/UK/US U) invasion of Russia was only to assist Russia and only a few men died during their expedition.

On 31 August 1919 the Vittoria was sunk along with her sister ship Verulam by a submarine who's commander and crew were now loyal to the New Soviet Union.

The water is very cold in this region and 200 men were lost on that warm day in Northern Russia.

For those of you who say that the invasion of Russia was not real and only a few men lost their lives - you have accepted revisionist history.

Thousands of British and French men lost their lives in this insane attempt to take St. Petersburg, Russia.

We must remember history for what it really was - not the False History we all were taught in school by those Affirmative Action hirees.

Today the Great Russian Federation faces a huge problem with potential terrorist at the latest Olympics in South Western Russia - not unlike during their own revolution during WW1.

The funding sources for terrorism have not changed, nor have the positions of the people. Only the Names are different.

The King of Saudi Arabia recently told Pres Putin to bribe him and there will be no terrorist attacks there - but Pres Putin did not budge.

Remember - the money for these terrorist attacks in Russia is still coming form the same places, the same companies and the same Government. In many cases - the same desks in the same Embassies and Red Cross Offices that were there in 1917.

May I suggest whole heartedly that the Russian Leadership heed GOD's warning and remember through history exactly who is funding these insane terrorists.

A terrorist strike in this sporting event would be a Black Eye on the current leadership of Russia - especially after you were warned about the attacks on Volograd (Stalingrad) months before they actually occurred here on APFN and in Pravda.
Please pray that the Russian Leadership gets smart and heeds GOD's warning and kills not only the terrorists but terminates their funding source with prejudice.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William Mount

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