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Tue Jan 21, 2014 16:37

In the last few days there have been some really bad riots in Kiev in the main part of the City. This area I walked almost daily for 2 months so I am somewhat familiar with the place.

Please watch the first film very closely President Yanakovich, President Putin and PM Medvedev.

The Ukrainians do not wear Baseball Caps.

In 2 months of being there only one person wore a baseball cap.

In addition - they wore Black Shoes - not brown shoes.

Those who are up front and instigating the riots are wearing Base Ball Caps and Brown Boots - the same brown boots.

Watch it closely - brown boots supplied by what appears to be Cavalry Suppliers.

Look for shoe Laces - which are unavailable on Kiev except from the one department store - "Gzoom," only in Black and only in odd sizes.

Go to 3;30 and enlarge and watch very closely.

Then tag and bag any US/UK folks who have identical shoes and you will find who is paying these rioters off.
Please pray that Pres Putin, Yanakovich and PM Medvedev stop these insane riots form the otherwise peaceful Ukrainian people.

Man - you heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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