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Wed Jan 22, 2014 16:18

It is not nice to steal from the Pope, nor is it very smart.

For those of you who have been following these postings we have been exposing Fraud committed against the US Corporations for about 6 months - beginning with the $2 Trillion stolen on, complete with Bank Account Numbers in the Grand Caymen Islands.

The Biggie was when we identified where VP Dick Cheney sent the $25.6 Trillion (Now about $77 Trillion) that was used to crash the Soviet Economy and destroy that nation.

In addition there were well over 14 Waste/Fraud and Abuse claims filed through the VA and IRS. The VA being owned by the IMF, and the IRS being owned by the US Treasury, which is controlled (And Owned I believe) by the IMF.

Each case must be dealt with separately and in full if they are to keep any validity to the Federal Reserve Dollar worldwide.

So who owns the IMF and who do they answer to?

The IMF is owned 54.5% by David Rothchilds (Bauer form Bohemian Grove, Germany) and they are supposed to financially answer to the Vatican Trust and spiritually answer to the Great White Brotherhood of Bohemia - which is controlled by Lucifer.

Those who worship Lucifer claim that the Great White Brotherhood of Bohemia are spirits with White Auras from Venus who are here to aid Lucifer (Also a Venutian - to help this planet progress.

Since Whale and Pelicans in California are now starving to death and washing up on shore - it appears that Lucifer has only destroyed this planet, not assisted us, and we as people are asking for help from wherever we can get it to remove this punk Lucifer and his Great White Brotherhood.

Either way - the Pope has not only received the message that he has been ripped off to the tune of over $80 Trillion (Yes, Trillion) he is now having his Vatican Trust get involved.

That's $80,000,000,000,000.00

That's allot of "Double Bubble" Bubble gum.

Since there has been no monetary reward paid as of today they are still in violation of the UCC and the system will now collapse and Lucifer will have this precious gift of Earth taken away because he broke the bargain he struck with the Living GOD.

Either way I have been called to come into the VA for a complete dental work over. That includes 12 years of dental work they have "Not Had Time To Deal With" - service connected dental work.

We shall see what happens.

First they authorize outside dental work then they call me into the office in 2 days - 48 hours.

Have you ever had a dental appointment made for you by the Government in 48 hours - and the head of the department calls you?


Since I have already been threatened by the VA with incarceration twice for asking why they sell my medical records around the world I am leary at best, scared spitless at worst.

We shall see how grateful the Roman Pope is for exposing $80 Trillion Dollars (Trillion) of his money stolen by forces loyal to Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama.
Please pray that out of all of this APFN sis able to get money to continue funding this incredible site.

My gain is there gain. We do not leave others behind - including Will P Wilson (All Day Live TV Show), Kieth Ljunhammer, Pat and Mike Schupe, and Grahams Etc.

You hear this one first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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