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Wed Jan 22, 2014 16:38

The US administration is under orders to keep their mouths shut about Alien Species visiting this planet so there will be NO admission from them. They made an agreement to lie.

As a Captain in the US Army I am tell you every month the UN discloses information about the alien species here on Earth.

I am still in the US Government as a Captain - but do not expect any other officer to reveal this - they have been denuded by Affirmative Action and are no longer men but Officers.

I personally invite these aliens to interact with me as a wing of the US Government and I will tell all if the actually do even bother with me.

SO here are a few others who have openly stated that aliens are here:

1) President Medvedev. As you recall on Sorcha Faal the Prime Minister f Russia was caught on tape talking about the Aliens here on Earth.

2) The former Defense Minister from Canada openly talks about the Aliens that are visiting the Earth.

3) Fox News UFO sighting - oops:

4) More FOX News and Mexican Defense Department admits ET UFOs and Dying CIA agent admits contact with UFOs.

5) Charles Hall - a lowly Enlisted Man for the USAF. You know - just because he is enlisted does not make him any less credible than a Captain or an Ambassador - in fact he may be more credible. He sure humbles me.

We could go on all night - but you get the picture.

The US Government will reveal nothing and these aliens do exist.
I openly invite these Alien species to work with me and APFN to reveal who they are and what their goals are here on Planet Earth - so please pray that they do come. Their DNA has been permanently damaged by the GMO food they were fed in ways they cannot even imagine and they need to know how and why.

You heard this second here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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