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Thu Jan 23, 2014 15:45

VA: Oh what evil web you weave when first you practice to deceive.

The VA is a Corporation that is owned by the IMF, Public Law 93 I believe.

Since Pres Obama took office there has been no Federal Budget but the two parties "Have agreed to agree."

What this means is complete financial anarchy.

As for the VA Dental Department we are about to expose another blatant practice used to not only rip off the American Tax Payer but over charge the IMF and thus ultimately rip off the Roman Pope and his financial empire.

So here is what the VA does:

1) The VA Dental brings in primarily Non-Service connected veterans and repairs their teeth and these folks - homeless, Social Security Recipients, and almost no Service Connected Vets.

So if you have War Time Dental Work that needs to be done the VA Dental Clinic is as worthless as Teets on a Boar Hog.

2) Fill teeth with fillings containing high levels of Mercury. This Mercury destroys bacteria good for the mouth and thus bugs in bad bacteria - causing additional tooth decay and gum recession.

3) When Crowns are done (Normally teeth are pulled) gold material is used right next to the Mercury Fillings - causing Galvanization of the existing Mercury fillings.

Even a moron knows that when two dissimilar metals are placed in contact one becomes sacrificial to preserve the other one. This is why boats and hot water tanks sue Zincs, they are the sacrificial material.

When the Gold filling comes in contact with the mercury filling large amounts of metal are sluffed off. This causes:

a) High levels of toxic metals which kill good bacteria and promote tooth decaying bacteria.

b) Shrinking of the crown materials and thus the exposure of the underlying gum material - promoting tooth decay.

c) Toxic Metal Overload in the Veteran causing sicknesses and diseases that the VA must then treat with other drugs - thus again ripping off the IMF for even more money.

4) When Mercury fillings are done next to Gold filling material the problem is even worse as the two dissimilar metals are touching.

5) This intense Galvanization causing increased degradation of the tooth material itself, the early failure of Crowns, fillings to fall shrink causing additional rot behind the tooth and eventual failing of the filling itself.

6) This additional tooth rot increases the VA Dental Office Income by allowing a filling to be refilled and refilled over and over again, causing sickness and disease and thus increasing patients overload for the medical part of the VA, but thus robs moneys meant for the IMF, and eventually the Vatican Trust.

7) The eventual out come is to pull all the teeth and replace them with partials. The inferior type of dental work done,however, promote additional sickness in vets with partials - thus increasing the number of sick vets and necessarily increasing VA medical Appointments and medications dispensed to fight these illnesses created through poor dental work.

8) When partials and other False Teeth are provided what i have seen is that the work on these false teeth is so poor they rarely fit correctly - causing patients to send their partials back over and over again.

9) In addition, the equipment is often times not in really good working order and a this decreases the moral of the Dental Office thus slowing down work and costing the owner of the VA Millions in profits.

Remember - most of these patients are not 100% Disabled or service connected.

The unfortunate part of this is that the actual licensed dentists who actually went to school to be dentists and are legally licensed are forced to do this inferior dental work, thus again decreasing their moral.

What should happen is as follows:

1) VA regulations followed to the "T" - only 100% disabled Veterans and vets who have Service Connected Dental Disabilities should be treated ad VA facilities.

2) Dissimilar metals should never be used in the same mouth. I used to show folks what Galvanic Action is when I taught Boater's Safety at the Tacoma Yacht Club by turning out the lights and biting - thus showing the class a Blue Spark created by the dissimilar VA filling Material.

Again - even a moron knows dissimilar metals that connect is a really stupid thing to do unless you want the softer one to dissolve.

For Example: If you bolt an aluminum plate onto wood using Stainless Steel Screws the aluminum plate will eventually wobble loose and the Aluminum dissolves.

3) The dentists should be given the option do restorative work on the spot.

4) If the VA is unable to fulfill it's legal obligation to the Veteran as described by USC 38 the veteran should have the option to go somewhere else at the expense of the VA.

5) Finally, once the VA approves dental work outside the VA it should not have the option on the eve of an appointment to pull that funding when a patient has lost several VA fillings and is in physical pain - as they have just done to me.

for You Intel Geeks:

Pres Putin - you wish to know when and where the terrorist attacks will be at the Olympics - too bad - my teeth hurt.

Pres Obama - you wish to know when and where the next Nuke is coming into DC or the next assassination attempt will be against President Obama - too bad, you pulled my funding for dental work yesterday you morons in the White House. Let it come. Fix my teeth.

Let the attack come in M..........

Tall Grays - you wish to know how to reverse what these Monsanto jerks did to modify your DNA in the long run - too bad, my teeth hurt.
Please pray that the VA stops stealing money from the Pope.

You heard this one first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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