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Sun Jan 26, 2014 15:37

Let's switch. to a really positive story now.

Over the last 18 months we have watched 7 people regrow their pancreas and eliminate the nasty blood sugar disease called Diabetes.

There appear to be two types of people: Those who really are looking for a better life and those who just do not care, go to the doctor, and die broke.

About 95% of America seems to be the latter. Let us focus in on the former and discuss how you can stabilize your blood sugars and "Cure" Diabetes.

What we mean by "Cure" is that you eat the right food sand your body heals itself - if it can. In a few rare cases, about 2% (2/100) this proves to be a challenge - but for the other 98% following these steps has proven extremely effective in eliminating blood sugar problems.

--------------Print This Out as it maybe removed soon---------------

1) First - stop eating GMO food. No wheat, no corn, no soy bean oil, no Canola oil, no beat sugar. No White Rice Noodles - only organic.

2) Eat meat grown without grain.

3) No dairy. Hey - it's your body. You want to get well you follow these steps. I love cheese so this one was very hard for me and I still eat some form the Loleta Cheese Factory in California.

4) You can eat Spelt Bread - Spelt was the original wheat - but be careful. I buy Famous Dave's Spelt Bread.

5) Eat 1000 MG Gymnema per day - not the extract, but the Gymnema. Himalayan or R-U-Ved are good brands. Studies have shown that eating this herb helps your body regrow it's Pancreas - the organ that makes Insulin. It's an herb - so you get your daily greens.

6) Eat Sea Weed - .1 OZ per day.

7) Put a teaspoon of cinnamon in your coffee or tea in the morning and at night. Cinnamon has been shown to help control blood sugar levels. I use 1000MG Cinnamon with Chromium form Purity Products twice a day.

8) Eat 30-45 drops of Immusist per day. This food grade surfactant makes all of the above possible. Without it you will struggle forever like I did with little to no results. Start with 1-2 drops per day and work up.

I encourage you to go to Ed Skilling's web site and also to check out Patch Adams Book - if you are feeling down maybe you need to join him in a clown trip or help him open up his next non profit hospital.

By the way - APFN readers - it is YOU who have helped him fund his two free hospitals - than you.

Today I ate some chocolate and my blood sugar level are great.

Yummm - Chocolate - guilt free.

Dr William B. Mount

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