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willpwilson 908
Angry Birds & the Vatican Peace Dove Symbolism, & Tracking?
Tue Jan 28, 2014 09:13

Angry Birds & the Vatican Peace Dove Satanic Symbolism correlation. All just by coincidence, You Think? For the Satanic Elitists to use their (Angry Birds) I-Phone-GoogleMaps tracking technologies, for the Illuminati Vatican Satanist Soul Harvesting Rothschilds to now be able to keep track of their future Sacrificial and Global Human Sacrificing and Soul Harvesting population targets? -
Angry Birds I-phone google Mapping and tracking -
angry birds vatican - -

EYES ON YOUR IPHONE? NSA reportedly spies via Angry Birds, Google Maps - Demonic Attack At The Vatican! Vatican “Peace Doves Attacked By Black Crow” (Video) (Video) (Video) Sunday, January 26, 2014 -

watchman08 - NSA spying through Angry Birds, Google Maps, leaked document
Mon Jan 27, 2014 -;article=148937;title=APFN - NSA spying through Angry Birds, Google Maps, leaked documents reportedly reveal Published January 27, 2014 - -

All just by coincidence and exact timing? You think there is more to these high priest's symbolic Satanic manifestation that is at this time thus their planned rendering of us, to now be their docile track-able docile sheeples. Thereof, for us to now be subtly herded into their encapsulation and soul harvesting agendas and into their total NWO dominion over the entire (Track-able, Target-able, Harvest-able.) human race?

And, thus for us to now being technologically Mind Controlled, Psychotronically
encaged to be thus mass human surrendered to their global NWO agenda and for all of the human populations worldwide to thus now be harvested. They need a means, a technological communications protocol (Worldwide.) and a technological communications methodology to be able to track and to now harvest all (Of our.) souls worldwide? And, thus this entire electronic Mind Control-Psychotronic (Satellite, and Over the Horizon Warfare Technologies.) Warfare and information tracking and locating technologies are now also readied and in place to play out this key part in their agenda. For their now needing Angry Birds I-phone & Google Mapping technologies in order for them to now be able to corral and to locate their sacrificial sheeples for their important Globalist worldwide soul harvest event, which is us?

Yah, sure, all just by coincidental timing. Yah right. These high Satanist Priests do everything according their Satanic Luciferian symbolic protocols.
- - -

This is what these high Satanist priests have in store for us, their sheeple populations. They always let the sheeple know what is in store for the sheeples in their, the Illuminati cards, remember - - - - 1990s Illuminati Game Cards Still Creating Controversy From Wikipedia 11-21-11 -

And, for us to now be locatable and to soon be soul harvested, along with their global human sacrificial mass worldwide soul harvesting high Rothschild Satanist Priestdom. Fukishima was and is in their plan for global death and sacrifice. This is where these Galactic parasitic population harvesters thus, attain their power. They cannot create planets and or solar systems and the only thing that they cannot also create is souls, and souls are money and power to them, these Galactic Soul Harvesting (Rothschild-Zionista) Pirates and Soul Enslavers.

Angry birds: Peace doves attacked after release at Vatican -
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  • NSA spying through Angry Birds, Google Maps, leaked documents reportedly reveal January 27, 2014 The NSA and its British counterpart are tapping popular smartphone apps such as Angry Birds to peek... more
    • Angry Birds & the Vatican Peace Dove Symbolism, & Tracking? — willpwilson 908, Tue Jan 28 09:13
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