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Tue Jan 28, 2014 14:42

We are tracking yet another veteran who has had his life destroyed by bad health care at the VA.

The Vet is a male, age 50+. He was exposed to the weapons used in the First Gulf War and is amazingly still alive.

His use of the VA dental began after the gulf War Bio Weapons dissolved about 35% of his tooth matter so not only is the Vet 100% physical and totally disabled as a result of war time injuries he is also 100% dental Service Connected.

He is a Priority 1A for not only his disability but his service connected dental problems, total and permanent disability.

The VA began repairing his teeth not in 1992 when he was injured in 1997. It took this long for the VA to "Process Him In" to their Health Care System - 5 years.

A first they repaired his teeth. Then he asked for outside dental work because ALL the VA installed fillings fell out.

For about 4 years he went to a local clinic run by a retired Army Colonel - then the VA dental Clinic demanded he come back to the VA because their employees were making up dentists in their name and paying themselves for filling dead vets teeth.

Out of 14 people in the Seattle VA Payee Office - 10 were guilty - TEN. One went to jail.

After a few years at the Va the fillings again began falling out so the vet stopped going.

A few years ago the VA "demanded" he be seen by the local Dentist - so he went. Again ALL the VA installed fillings fell out so he stopped going and "demanded" outside dental care.

The vet went to a local dentist he knew personally and the VA approved his outside dental care.

When the head of the VA dental received a bill for $20,000 they immediately denied the vet dental work.

The head of the local VA dental Office in Tacoma called the vet in and after discussing this the VA stated they will spend a total of 8 hours working on hiss teeth over the next 150 days.

In the mean time the Vt is in constant pain caused by BAD VA DENTAL CARE.

So now the vet has in his mouth the following different dental type fillings, causing high levels of
Gavlanic Action.

1) Gold, Silver.Mercury and Porcelain fillings form the VA form 1997, different compounds used than today.

2) Gold, Silver/Mercury and Porcelain fillings from the first private dentist.

3) Gold, Silver/Mercury and Porcelain fillings from the VA again - and they are all falling out one by one due to Galvanic Action - the metal is dissolving due to dissimilar metals touching.

4) Gold, Silver/Mercury and porcelain fillings from a private dentist he paid for.

That is 12 different metal compounds in one mouth all dissolving due to Galvanic Action.

Are the VA Dentists that stupid - no, they just do not give a Rat's Rear.

This has caused this vet an enormous amount of pain and injury, sickness and disease, and the loss of 5 teeth.

The VA is murdering out Veteran - plain and simple.

If the director of the Seattle VA walked into a room with me I would remove his teeth on the spot but he is a coward and hides behind his security. so instead i tell you, the APFN reader.

It will not change, not today, not tomorrow, not every because we as Americans are lazy to do anything about it.

What you are about to hand over to your grand children is a nation of Lazy Cowards who deserve to be slaves and die young - and you did this to them.

Deal with it.
In about a week the Winter Olympics will begin in the town of Sorcha Russia along the Black Sea.

Games will focus on such things as Skiing, Figure Skating (My Favorite) and all sorts of sports played in, and around, the snow.

We have recently discussed the terrorist threat to the Olympics and how Pres Putin needs to assign one man to run hte entire seciurity team - to consolidate this effort or it will fail.

There exists a about a 45 year old woman who knows the Governor of the region fairly well and wished him to introduce her to Pres Putin the last time he came to the region to his huge home - he refused and she has the "Hots" for Putin.

This 45 year old looking gal is cute and well off, born in Moldov and currently living about 2 miles East of the Main Town.

Without a recent detailed map I will not pin point the place she is staying.

She is planning a series of explosions using US made explosives that look like Soviet explosives.

This is in addition to the other things I have told you about - again, without working with your security forces I can tell you no more.

When she is done "Making Her Point" she will move back to her home town in Moldov. She may visit friends on Iran before traveling home so she may have recently applied for an Iranian Visa.

Tag and bag those at Davos (Switzerland) and you will find your information - but you would rather see a Nuclear WW3 than tag 1,500 scum bags - am I correct on this one?

Davos is just up a road form Bohemia, Germany.

Then be cowards.

You listened to GOD on 21 September 2013 and recovered the Nuke.

You listened to GOD on 3 October 2013 and detonated the 30 Nukes in the Atlantic.

You listened to GOD on 16 Dec 2013 and recovered the Nuke.

Let us hope, and pray, you listen to GOD again.

You DID NOT listen to GOD on the bombs in Volograd. Many Russians are dead now because of your arrogance.

Pres Putin and PM Medvedev: YOU screwed up in Volograd - One mistake and the press will be on you like stink on a Skunk's Rear, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come - ad so will GOD.

I hope you have every trail, every rock, every tree, every cave, every car, every plane, and every arena totally secured.

A military Fly Over would be nice, and ensure Air Security by the way.

Remember - Assassination attempt on Bush 4 July with Chemical Weapons - from the air - in Texas - it was neutralized?

Oops. You forgot about the air.

Odachie Russia.
Look up.

The New GMO food that has been fed to all of those weary wayward travelers topping in for a stay here on this inhospitable planet - your DNA has been effected in as you cannot even imagine.

You have all been double crossed and your species is in danger of going away. GOD has the solution, but my guess is all of you are too arrogant to ask.

Did you really thing Lucifer was honest?

UFO activity should sky rocket in the next few months as these highly advanced idiots look as they try and find out information form all the Dead Bio Weapons Lab managers that have recently been terminated on orders of the Great White Brotherhood in Bohemia.

They are all dead - and with them the solutions to your problems.

I will give you a 2 hints -

1) 1/2 of all Americans have eaten Human Brains and their CODON 127 has been changed to CODON 129 - they will get Alzheimers.

Keep looking wayward visitors.

2) Your DNA can be changed with very high frequencies your equipment cannot even detect.

You do not come, your species is set to go away, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

We all die.

Too Bad, So Sad, Touche'.
Please pray that the Russians are not too arrogant to ask for assistance.

You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

By the way - the Governor of Florida has ordered Mandatory Drug Testing for welfare - he owns the Drug Testing Company.


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