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Who is Patricia Johnson Holm?
Mon Feb 3, 2014 12:48

I've worked very closely with Patricia for at least 4 years, BEING ON HER INTERNET TV SHOW A FEW TIMES. Now after a series of incidents I question who she is.

Patricia told me that she was one of the aliens that crashed in Roswell. She also told me that she is LITERALLY the reincarnation of JESUS CHRIST. Then she recently denied that she told me that, instead saying that she is the woman in Revelation. Unfortunately, I no longer trust her. MAYBE SHE WAS A HANDLER FOR ME?

    • Who is Patricia Johnson HolmesWilliam Mount, Mon Feb 3 16:00
      She is one of the most gracious TV hosts you will ever encounter. When she grew up she had many encounters with those who claimed to be form the Pleadies Star System and she was told she was supposed ... more
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