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Mon Feb 3, 2014 15:53

If you listen to the news everything is OK, do not worry, be happy.

If you follow the real news and understand what is really going on then it will scare the heck out off you.

So what we do?

As you read the head lines of each and every story to follow visualize, Pray, that these wars and economic collapses reverse themselves and Lucifer does not win.

1) War:

a) Iraq Army bombs Faluja and prepares for a Ground Assualt.

The US arms just sold to the Shai (80-85% of the Population) are now being used to kick the 15%out of power but the US supports this 15%

b) Houthis Seize Control of Large Area of Yemen's Hath

In other words - the 85% Shai Muslims, those that follow GOD, (not the Great White Spirits of Bohemia) and they want their nation back and US forces out.

c) Israeli Security Minister Slams Kerry on Boycott Threat, Warns IDF may invade Gaza.

Yes - Dumb Dumb Kerry is threatening an economic boycot against Israel. This man needs to go away. visualize everything he tries to do fails.

d) Ukraine on the verge of Civli War: Blood On The Maiden.

Visualize peace there.

e) Top 20 countries likely to face a coup in 2014.

f) US Congress Quietly approves arms for Syrian Rebels


2) Economic Collapse:

Please read the following two articles carefully and as you do visualize the Rothchild's (Lucifer's) plans fail. Please note they discuss the $1 of gold for every $100 of Gold Certificates Sold. As you recall - the discovery of this marks the downturn of the US market - which is supposed to begin 4 April but GOD has determined it begins NOW. GOD is never wrong.

If you are too busy to read these articles then please note that the Rothchilds are manipulating the price of Gold to drive foreign currencies down and these economic controllers are planning a huge down turn in Early April and those in DC are arming themselves in preparation for the UK/US attack on the Winter Olympics in a few short weeks.

Focus - visualize that these plans to kill and destroy come to naught.


For You Intel Geeks:

Operation Bite begins all over again this year. It starts 4 April with an attack on Obama and the nuking of a US city 6 April. The power grid should go down and here we go again.

The Russian Intel believes it may begin with a UK/US attack (Through the Saudi's) on the Winter Olympics and this may be true. If they worked with me I would be able to tell them.

Either way - over 100 US Fighter Jets have been moved to the DC area to protect this area in the event of an Air Attack - not likely.

What is going to happen is that many nations will now reject the US Federal Reserve Note and those wayward travelers stopping by to visit our underground bases at Indian Springs, Sedona, and Los Alamos are now aware that they have been poisoned by the DOD. This is not good.

Either way be prepared for anything - Lucifer is desperate for a war because his kingdom is slipping away --- he has nothing more to offer them. The economic system is collapsing. You never paid GOD's messenger, the 7 years are up, it's payback.

The Assistant Director of Boeing's Space Command, who gave his life to Lucifer long ago, still lays in a half vegetative state in a hospital in Seattle drooling on himself.

The three bankers Lucifer just had murdered - (Sorcha Article) they were following Lucifer and now they are dead - just like that.

When Lucifer is done with you - you die a miserable death.

This time though he has nothing to offer you - it is all falling apart.

Loozifer is loosing control of everything - he failed to obey his master - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


It is up to us to visualize peace and prosperity - this is what the UN teaches us. Visualize (Pray) for these thing right now.

You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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