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Wed Feb 5, 2014 13:38

The CIA was created incorporated in 1947 by the King of England for two purposes:

1) Gather Intelligence and sell it to the highest bidder

2) Destroy and replace governments that are hostile too the United State Corporation - Washington DC.

This was their original charter.

We can see the CIA carry out their mission today in the Ukraine. Here a they have fostered a revolution to displace the current president of the Ukraine simply because he refused to sign his nation's soul away in perpetuity to the Euro Nations.

Perhaps President Yanakovich did not wish to have aol New Born Babies automatically given the new Computer Chip starting 1 May 2014, perhaps he did not with to be a Puppet for the US Corporation and thus David Rothchilds.

Either way the now exists a state of siege in the Ukraine fostered by the CIA.

As we read on please visualize (Pray) that these situation in the Ukraine returns to a peaceful one and that Lucifer's CIA and Irish/French/US/UK Union (I F/UK/US U) is thrown out of this once great nation.

President Yanakvich would be wise to evict those Embassies from his nation immediately if he wishes to survive or they are going to kill him and replace him with a double within a fortnight without Russian help., GOD never lies.

It appears that the US Corporate Leaders (Dumb Dumb John Kerry) have just held a conference in Munich Germany and created a formal Opposition Leader and now calls this opposition the UKRINFORM.

I urge the Russian participation in this CIA planned take down of a staunch Russian Allie. Tell the I/F/UK/US union to get out and take their Ambassador's with them or GOD promises you Pres Putin and PM Medvedev what you see in Kiev will be in Moscow within a year - GOD has said it, so hsall it be.


Following is a highlight of what is currently happening in, and around, the Ukraine::

1) Secretary of State Kerry speaks with Ukrainian opposition, renews demand for “European” integration

2) European Parliament to hold extraordinary debate, pass resolution on Ukraine

3) Munich Security Conference: West hosts Ukrainian opposition leaders, who meet with Kerry, McCain, Ashton, Steinmeier

4) Director of National Intelligence Clapper portrays Ukrainian president as desperate, besieged tyrant a la Milosevic, Qaddafi, Gbagbo, Assad, etc., adds Russophobic rant

5) Russian Foreign Minister: By forcing subservient regime on Ukraine, West displays strange view of freedom

6) Interior Ministry claims proof that provocations were planned in advance

7) Georgian car arsonist hired by opposition: Interior Ministry

8) Reason alone for “regime change”: Ukraine, Russia sign agreement on Kerch Strait


Here are a few highlights of what the US/UK are doing to the people of the Ukraine, Visualize these riots forced by the CIA Corporation (Owned by the Queen of England) stop immediately.:

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640 × 360 -

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480 × 360 -

600 × 325 -


For You Intel Geeks:

Thailand - You are next, followed by more insurgency in Syria, Egypt and Yemen.


Because the US can and will and there is no one there to stop them.

Russia - you were warned to return your blessings to Russia or all Hell would break out.

IS is bad enough yet.

Visualize with me - pray - that these plans come to naught and Lucifer's plans for war and revolution fail.


You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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