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Thu Feb 6, 2014 17:19



The original post has the right idea. However the reason the coming crisis will be unlike any other in 200 years (why 200 years?) is because the global economy didn't even exist in any form until the last 50 years. Seriously. We've been off the edge of the map for that entire time, pretending we know exactly where we are going and how to get there. That's 50 years of experimentation while the human population rose from a sustainable 2 billion to nearing 7 billion. Christ on a pencil -- whose bright idea was that anyway? And of course let us not forget, during those same 50 years we managed to get nearly the entire rest of the world addicted to a range of really expensive and potent neuro-toxic hallucinogens like crude oil, sports entertainment, automobiles, cheap credit, high fructose corn syrup, tobacco, rock music, middle class suburban living, Disneyland, and diabetes. 7 billion people or so, most of them Jones-ing for our version of high-grade post-industrial smack. And the rest just in the way of the resulting consumer steamroller. We suck. There is going to be so much pain, I can't even imagine it. Well actually yes I can, but I wish I couldn't.


CHARLES GOYETTE on The Government Shutdown , Debt Ceiling & Obamacare - Goldseek Radio Oct 3, 2013

Chris Waltzek talks to Charles Goyette author of "The Dollar Meltdown" and "Red Blue and Broke All Over"
Charles Goyette has long been known in Phoenix as "America’s Most Independent Talk Show Host!" With years of hands-on experience as an investment professional, he brings a welcome dimension of foresight and clarity to his political and economic commentary. Goyette has been called on often to share his views with television audiences nationally on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and PBS, including on The O’Reilly Factor, the popular PBS program NOW with Bill Moyers, and as a frequent guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN, repeatedly warning before the current economic turmoil of the "economic calamity the Republicans and Democrats" were creating. Longtime financial professional Charles Goyette discussed the continued devaluation of the U.S. dollar, and how he sees this crisis unfolding for the average American. Over the years, the dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power, he said, and the current rise in the price of gold reflects the fall of US currency. America has a staggering amount of debt--$1.3 million for every family; these debts will be accrued in some manner-- typically by fleecing the middle class, he warned.

The U.S. is moving away from being a "free economy" which depends on agreement and produces prosperity, Goyette noted. Instead, we're seeing a movement toward a "command economy, " he said, which produces shortages, and is run by "coercion," with resources, production, and consumption directed by a central command such as boards, commissions, and administrators. What has been taking place in industries such as insurance, automotive, banking, and health care are all examples of the "command economy," he detailed.

While credit card companies are slashing people's credit and forcing them to save, banks aren't offering any incentive for savers with their low return rates, he reported. As the dollar continues to be worth less, Goyette advised people to put some of their investments in gold and silver, and also consider other opportunities such as agricultural and natural resources.


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What’s in Store for Our Freedoms in 2014?

Want a clear-eyed synopsisamerica barb wire of the state of liberty in America as 2013 comes to an end? Complete with egregious surveillance, strip searches, police shootings of unarmed citizens, government spying, the criminalization of lawful activities, warmongering, the corporate buyout of the American political bureaucracy, the childish behavior of children being criminalized, the coming drone invasion…

Here’s a pretty good rundown from John Whitehead, author of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.

He challenges Americans to resolve that 2014 will be the year we break the cycle of tyranny and get back on the road to freedom.

  • GRU intelligence analysts contributing to this report American people were foretold of when then presidential candidate Obama, in 2008, stated: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to ... more
    • MARTIAL LAW & ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2014 — APFN, Thu Feb 6 17:19
      • Life in the Emerging American Police APFN, Thu Feb 6 17:22
        Life in the Emerging American Police State: What’s in Store for Our Freedoms in 2014? SOURCE/FULL REPORT:>> By John W. Whitehead December 30, 2013 “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to ... more
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