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Are the County Sheriffs About to Arrest Foreign Agent Obama?
Sat Feb 8, 2014 17:23

Are the County Sheriffs About to Arrest Foreign Agent Obama?

It is apparent that Foreign Agent Obama and his handlers the Rothschilds do need an event right now. An event that will stave off or thereof, interfere with the awakening masses from being able to somehow bring about a halt to these NWO Elitists from being able to carry out their plan for total worldwide destruction and human annihilation.

It is these NWO's Globalist Elitists who are right at this time carrying out the Bible's Revelations to a "T" due to their very apparent agenda to carry out their global warfare and destruction of all countries worldwide. Any way that they can get away with this.

And, that their target is not just the United States and it's Federal Reserve paper that soon will not be worth as much as the same amount of toilet paper. Thereof, that they are hellbent on fully and completely destroying all of mankind, and all living things on this planet, that they call their planet.

"Suspicious Activity! 9 Undisclosed Heavy Lift Aircraft Inbound to CONUS Concealed by US Govt–Military Intel Reveals Photos and More! (Video and Pictures) Friday, February 7, 2014," - - - -

And, though that possibly their plan may possibly still fail on them.

Concerning their very real plan and agenda(s) that are now being clearly observed right now going on throughout this entire planet and that encompasses the entire planetary populations, plant and animal life of every kind.

A circumstance that is now very real due to the NWO's very highly planned planned Fukushima Mass Murder (Extinction Event.) of all life in the Pacific Ocean. And, as well as their very observable plan to mass murder off the entire planet Earth, which is happening at this very moment.

Why isn't all of Tepco Management and their contractors and bankers under arrest right now? Why haven't these Nuclear Mafia Criminals been put under arrest for global Man Slaughter?

Soon, the County Sheriffs will no longer have any choice but to be forced to arrest the Foreign Agent Obama and his Global Banking Mafiaoza's and their Global Intelligence Organized Crime Networks.

In full consideration to their now underway agendas to create global devastation.

A global devastation that is now allowing them to create all of the necessary global economic, atmospheric, political, biological, nuclear, oil, weapons, circumstances that will now thus allow them to be able to carry out their agenda for mass human extinction events and to now allow them be able to soul harvesting en mass, worldwide.

Thus their Satan and their Lucifer are now allowing them the opportunity that then will be soon fully available to them to thus be provided to them to be able to call this entire planet as their own planet. And, not God's planet.

And thereof this event(s) now occurring due to us the people also failing to do anything to try and to stop these Global Parasitic Satanic Lucifer worshiping (Banking) Families from being able to carry out their planned global soul harvesting agenda worldwide.

They also harvest the souls of whales, Dolphins and ocean mammals, and all plant and animal life that live and sustain upon this entire planetary surface.

Thereof, not only is possibly Obama about to be impeached but he is also to be arrested by the County Sheriffs of the United States of America.

Do the American People or the County Sheriffs of the United States of America have any choice in this matter anyway.

All that they have for any form of their planned future is to be rounded for the Obama Regime's Mass FEMA Camp and Project 21, Mass Extermination agendas. Right?

Do the American People have any choice but to plan to be in a war on the North American Continent fighting for their lives, very soon?

That is those American People who are still level headed enough and that have not already been Psychotronically and mentally destroyed by the NWO's DARPA developed vast array of mass Mind Control and Mass Human Behavioral Altering and Destroying and or Mind Programming Weapons Systems.

And, that it appears that most of the American people have been already mentally and behaviorally put out of commission by this highly advanced Psychotronic Warfare systems that have already been targeting and tagging all Peoples worldwide and as well as (Interfacing.) and reading their minds.

It may also be said that as in regard to Dr. William B. Mount's article that is posted on February 08, 2014 Saturday, on the Message News Board:
William Mount THE GREAT RUSSIAN DECEPTION SPRING 2014 Sat Feb 8, 2014;article=149106;title=APFN

County Sheriff's To Arrest Obama:'s+To+Arrest+Obama

No doubt super advanced Mind Control and Pyschotronic Warfare, or thereof, highly advanced Electronic Mind Control and Behavior Enhancement Weapons will also in use throughout this now underway Sochi Olympics ( Sochi Olympics Pschotronic Warfare: - MIND CONTROL: THE BRAIN INVADERS CONSPIRACY THEORY -

Putin reportedly confirms that Russia is actively working on psychotronic weapons By End the Lie - - Read more at -

apfn psychotronic weapons:

Posted from: to the Message News Board:

Explosive Evidence: Obama Trying to Establish Islamic Law
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 -
Submitted by Pete Santilli The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network -

The Obama Family Needs To be Arrested, Found To Be In Secret Plot To Establish Islamic Law - By Walid Shoebat - - -

Obama Impeachment:
Supreme Court Authorizes Obama Impeachment:
Rothschild Needs a War Right Now:
Obama Needs a War Right Now:
NWO need a War Diversion:

The British NWO Empire’s WW3 Plan: To Divert Attention From Their Crimes Upon Humanity! APRIL 17, 2013 BY VOLUBRJOTR - -
“This empire is determined to set the nations of the world into a war with one another, which is intended that civilization as we’ve now known it, will no longer exist. This is not only a general prospect; this is the immediate situation this weekend. This is not a weekend like other weekends. We’re now on the verge—and it’s set in place right now—of a chain reaction, which could mean the extermination of civilization as we’ve known it.

“Now this is being set up by the British Empire, and nobody else. And nobody else. If you don’t think the British Empire is the enemy, you don’t understand the ABCs of the situation.

“A war now, do you know what it means? Do you know what thermonuclear weapons mean? Do you realize that what’s going on in the Middle East, so-called, cannot be waged by anything other than nuclear weapons? This also means thermonuclear weapons?

Lyndon LaRouche Responds to Britain ~ The Once-In-A-Lifetime Option: Burn The Newly Printed Currency And Restore The Glass Steagall Act.
When America Tried To Pass The Glass Steagall Act To Prevent The Fraudulent Derivative Bailout: Rothschild’s Britain ~ Threatened War Through The State Department!

26 Percent Of Americans Don’t Know U.S. Declared Independence From Great Britain: The Lies Of Rothschild’s New World Order
“So don’t talk about this interest, or that interest. Don’t try to take sides in the silly quarrels which people are indulging in in the Middle East and elsewhere today. Pay no attention to this. They don’t have any reality except stupidity. If you try to win these wars, you lose everything. You have to prevent these wars from occurring, or you lose everything.

85 Sharia Anti Christian Courts Operating In The Cesspools Of Britain
“And the best example is to look at the study of the Seven Years War, from 1756 to 1763. And that war is the war that established the British Empire as the dominant imperial force on this planet. Because they induced the leading nations of continental Europe, and others, to make fools of themselves by fighting wars against one another, where the trick was, to get them to bleed themselves into weakness by fighting one another, and thus opening the gates for a British takeover, British imperial takeover, of the whole system. And that is exactly what happened.

“The only thing that saved civilization in that period, was the struggle of the United States, to create the United States. This struggle began, formally, in about 1620. It came with the settlement—and tonight, this is Thanksgiving. What’s Thanksgiving represent? A party, a feast, that was being held in what became Massachusetts, including one of my ancestors. I’m one of those people who has a ancestor when that occurred… but, on the Mayflower.

Full Retard aka; Elitism: Zombies Are Teaching Triangle Shaped Pastries Are Weapons in Rothschild’s Britain!
“But out of that came the struggle which came out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was ofthe same kind of character, and this established in the United States, the concept which actually was attributable to Nicholas of Cusa. And this concept being created, despite the crushing of Massachusetts, in the latter part of the century, despite that, it set into motion something that stayed in motion, effectively from 1620 through the establishment of our Federal Republic.

617,000 Dead In U.S. From AIDS ~ Lead Cause Same Sex: Homosexuality Kills More Than Double The People Than Do Cars, Suicide, Violence By Guns & War Combined!
“This is the only thing on this planet which has so far been able to cripple the attempts of the British Empire to realize the intention of becoming a new Roman Empire.

Prince Charlie Plan To Transform The Entire Make-Up Of Britain Without Telling Us!
“We’re now at the point where the corruption of the United States, has reached the point, that if we don’t beat the Empire now, in what it’s trying to do, and what it’s trying to do with nuclear threats right now, we’re lost. Civilization is lost. “So the solemnity of our cause, the devotion to that cause, an understanding that it lies in our hands to think clearly about how we do avoid falling into the traps the enemy sets for us… And that’s what should be on our minds. Because this is not something for the distant future. This is this weekend, this weekend. The plan is in place! It will set into motion World War III, right now.

Britain, UK & Pound Sterling Are About To Go Bankrupt!
“I think we can beat that. But we have to be determined to do so.

“So I think the element of solemnity at this occasion, ought to be taken into account.

“What does our life mean after all? We’re born, we die. What’s important about our life is what we leave to the future of humanity.”

LaRouchePAC -

It’s the British, Stupid! by Nancy Spannaus EIR editor,

Reports coming into the LaRouche movement make it perfectly clear that there is a concerted mobilization going on, worldwide and in the United States, to prevent the potentially imminent outbreak of World War III. The question is, will those attempting to stop the war hit the right target, and in time?

Breaking => Redistribution Of Syrian Wealth To Rothschild NWO Banking Cartel: Britain Attacks Syria With troops & No Fly Zone!
Most useful, of course, is the forthright approach of the Russian government, and associated, if retired, military officials. President Medvedev and numerous high-ranking military men have minced no words in drawing the line against NATO/U.S. moves toward general war, whether they come in the form of attacks on Syria and/or Iran, or in response to the creation of ABM systems near Russia’s borders, which threaten Russia’s security.

The fact that you have read virtually nothing in the U.S. press, nor seen anything in the electronic media, about the Russian response to overt U.S./ NATO provocations, should not reassure you. There are physical deployments going on, not just statements being made. The silence from the U.S. means that we are actually operating under the “fog of war.”

Why, for example, has President Obama not provided any response to President Medvedev’s special Nov. 23 address, in which he extended a hand for renewed dialogue on the question of strategic defense? Why has Obama continued on a course of provocative sanctions against Iran and Syria, when the Russians have put alternative proposals on the table, which would avoid the course toward conflict?

BREAKING => CNN Goldman Sachs & The Rothschild Zionist Matrix: Landmark Case ~ Rothschildism Delineated From Abrahamic Judaism!!
And what is happening in the U.S., in addition to the LaRouche movement’s activities, to prevent war? A senior U.S. intelligence source on Nov. 28 stated that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are on an allout war-avoidance mobilization, fearing that President Obama is—to use a euphemism—“unpredictable.” The source emphasized that, as long as the Iran situation remains in limbo, the military brass will oppose any other military operations, including against Syria.

What they fear the most, given the Obama wild card, is that they will be drawn into a war that they vehemently oppose, as the result of an Israeli attack against Iran, followed by Iranian retaliation against Israel and U.S. forces and allies in the Persian Gulf. The United States has bilateral treaty obligations with several of the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries, which would be activated in the event of any Iranian attack against them.

But, think it through. How can the insane Obama be stopped from going through with the provocations which could easily lead to thermonuclear World War III? Senior military sources have already reported to EIR that Obama has turned down their request that he “read the riot act” to Israel, to prevent it from carrying out an attack on Iran’s nuclear facility. But indeed, even if Obama had agreed, there is absolutely no certainty that he would not “change hi

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