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willpwilson 908
Can The County Sheriffs Arrest Foreign Agent Obama?
Sat Feb 8, 2014 17:31

Can The County Sheriffs Arrest Foreign Agent Obama?'s+Arrest+Obama - - US Military Has Grounds To Arrest Obama
October 24, 2013 by Brandon Walker - - - BREAKING GRAND JURY INDICTS OBAMA AND BIDEN ! - -

But, think it through. How can the insane Obama be stopped from going through with the provocations which could easily lead to thermonuclear World War III? Senior military sources have already reported to EIR that Obama has turned down their request that he “read the riot act” to Israel, to prevent it from carrying out an attack on Iran’s nuclear facility. But indeed, even if Obama had agreed, there is absolutely no certainty that he would not “change his mind,” should his British masters give the relevant orders.

Obama & Hitler From No Where: Thats How Rothschild Likes It.
Why? Number one, because Obama is a lunatic, narcissistic personality who is not governed by reason, but by an insane desire to act like a modern-day Nero. And, number two, Obama is a British puppet. As Lyndon LaRouche has stressed, the decision to go to war will not be made by Obama, but in London.

So, it’s time to take the Queen’s finger off the nuclear button! And the only way that can be done is to remove Obama from office by the 25th Amendment, impeachment, or both. LaRouchePAC
0bama cover up -
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willpwilson 908 The Elitist Illuminati The One Percent Psychopathic Bankers.
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prince william the antichrist:
Expert Peter Kling: Prince William is the Antichrist future king of one world government - -
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United We Stand and Visualize and See What We Stand For and then to be United to then Defend Our Freedom to allow us to be able to Stand for Our Freedom, and for Our Right to Defend Our Own Freedom.
willpwilson 908 What are the Real Reasons for Disarming America? Sat Dec 29, 2012 -;article=143432

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  • Are the County Sheriffs About to Arrest Foreign Agent Obama? It is apparent that Foreign Agent Obama and his handlers the Rothschilds do need an event right now. An event that will stave off or... more
    • Can The County Sheriffs Arrest Foreign Agent Obama? — willpwilson 908, Sat Feb 8 17:31
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