Tue Feb 25, 2014 18:42

As US jets dogfight bogies at 1,000 feet over Alpena Michigan with Machine Guns and Nuclear Tipped missiles Lithuania has begun rioting thanks to US EMbassy dollars.

As you recall....about 3 years ago the US Embassies world wide began exchanging US Dollars for foreign currencies. Now they will use this cash to create this RING OF FIRE around Russia and China.

War is good for the economy of the rich...Right?

So it has begun....The war.

You heard this first here on APFN

Funny.....did we not talk about this happening here in APFN years ago and even give the time line?

GOD is never wrong.

Dr William Mount

  • THE WAR HAS BEGUNWilliam Mount, Tue Feb 25 16:14
    As you read this 4 US fighter aircraft are having a dogfight at 1000 feet over Alpini Michigan. Bullets are flying and so are missiles. I am urging Michigan citizens to go inside and film everything... more
    • THE WAR HAS BEGUN PART TWO — William Mount, Tue Feb 25 18:42
      • THE WAR HAS BEGUN PART THREEWilliam Mount, Wed Feb 26 15:37
        As we sit and watch our TVs oblivious to the world the Russians have parked a Nuclear Armed surface fleet 90 miles off the Florida coast and has quietly moved tanks into the Ukraine. The US response... more
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