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Re: government document called FT900
Tue Mar 4, 2014 08:19

What you are about to see is based on information obtained from a little-known government document called FT900.

It’s published by a non-descript Federal office located at 1401 Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., less than one mile from the White House.

The following presentation not only reveals the contents of this document, but it walks you through the exact timeline of how and when this 9/11 event is scheduled to occur…

Just like 9/11 had a lasting impact on our society, this event will also reshape America…in a different, but equally dramatic way.

It will swipe trillions off markets and retirement accounts everywhere, and destroy the way of life of millions of unprepared Americans.

But it will also trigger what promises to be the biggest wealth transfer in the history of our nation…

But you only have until April 24th to take all the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.

In the following newly-released video you will learn how…Just">click here to view it, before it’s too late.


Erika Nolan
Executive Publisher, The Sovereign Society


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    • Re: government document called FT900 — APFN, Tue Mar 4 08:19
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