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Will P. Wilson, Illegally Evicted & Made Homeless Again.
Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:14

Will P. Wilson, Illegally Evicted & Made Homeless Again. They never stop targeting (Permanently Disabled) Veterans Do They?

To the Wounded Warrior Program: and to the also listed parties concerning a matter of illegal eviction of disabled American Veteran Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs. Dr. William B. Mount, your advisory on this matter is requested.

March 20, 2014 To the offices of the Wounded Warrior program Seattle, Washington. - and to Paul Valenti of the Seattle Mayor's Office, Alain Rhone also of the Seattle Mayor's Office and to Stephen Rudolph of the Department of Planning and Development.

This news report is also being forwarded to Tracy Vedder (, Investigative Reporter/Problem Solvers KOMOTV, Keith Dougherty, Brian Mann ( the NW Cardinals Football program Northwest Pacific Coast Semi-pro & College Football Conference (Will P. Wilson is the Defensive Line Coach), Alejandro Durazo III Veterans Administration Housing Outreach Services, Mike Carter Staff Reporter Seattle Times, Bill Budigan of Budigan Law (, and to other unlisted recipients.

I am Will P. Wilson, thereof, being also the producer of more then two thousand TV programs that have been broadcast this past ten years on Seattle Community Media ( & SCANTV, and now also archived at and at and other on-line archives.

Please youtube & google search for WillPWilson, or AllDayLive as that I have produced weekly TV documentaries for the Northwest and for the Nationwide community so that our nation and the Northwest can be seen and be better heard by our Nation and by the Northwest Community.

Thus my weekly TV programs have played a very key part in helping our Northwest and nationwide community in many ways including for example my producing media for the now transcending Medical Cannabis Industry this past two years to help to transform and to encourage the Washington State economic stability. Thereof there are now apparently more then two hundred thousand people who are now employed in this expanding industry in Washington state.

I at this time being a Vietnam Veteran who is also a one hundred percent disabled veteran who lives off of a Vietnam Veterans Pension of one thousand dollars a month and who is provided a VA Section 8 monthly Housing voucher, am at this time being wrongfully and allegedly illegally evicted from my residence that is located at: E-606 Linden Ave N. Seattle, WA 98133 that is known as the Cambridge Housing Complex that are apparently owned and or managed by an entity called Independent Living Associates.

I am at this time being forcefully evicted under threat of my losing my VA Section 8 Housing and living support if I do not comply and vacate my residence that is located at the Cambridge Living Complex that is located at approximately at 130th and Aurora in North Seattle.

I was not properly served with the Summons of Eviction. The reasons for this Summons for Eviction cannot be verified and are based solely on only unsupported and unwarranted claims for my being responsible for the building having been infested with Bed Bugs for the past five years even though I have only resided at the facility since March of last year. And, have never had the problem of being infested with bed bugs until my moving into the Cambridge Building.

I am being also made responsible for the accumulation of smoke from various sources at the top of the building's elevator shaft whereas, my residence is located at the closest of all units directly near the elevator shaft on the top (Sixth.) floor of the building thereof whereas, the entire building's residual smoke and other aerosols accumulate. I do not smoke and or allow for any form of smoking in my apartment premises.

The management of the facility first claimed that I owed a $750.00 dollar billing for past owed rent all though I have been paying my rent every month. Thereof, later after requesting in writing for the building management to provide me with an invoice and a proper account billing statement, that they have not done so.

Later their legal counsel named Robert Henry who works with the Law Firm of Lasher Holzapfel Sperry and Ebberson claimed that I even owed more then one thousand nine hundred dollars. First they claim that I owe $750.00 dollars and then a week later they claim that I owe more than one thousand nine hundred dollars and still they provide no billing statements or verification of why I own this when I have been paying my monthly rent on time every month. I have submitted written affidavits requesting for a billing statement and they only ignore my requests for a billing statement.

Having been forced to find legal help from the NW Justice Project and their legal volunteers, who are a part of the King County Superior Court's legal department, over this past two weeks, that I am now being forced to sign an affidavit that will be forcing me to vacate my residence at the Cambridge Apartment complex by the end of this month.

Thereof, as according to my being advised by the representatives of the NW Justice Project that I have to sign a document that was provided by Attorney Robert Henry that outlines that if I do not sign this document that I will be forced by judicial ruling anyway and that then I will also be losing my VA Section 8 Housing vouchers.

Thereof, based on completely unwarranted, and unverified allegations being brought by the Cambridge Building management and owners, that if do not sign an affidavit that they then will force me to comply and to vacate even without my not possibly having enough time and or the necessary money to be able find another place to be able to live at. Remember, I am a one hundred percent disable American Veteran who is about to be made homeless again. Without any proper legal warrant and solely and only based simply building management's unverified allegations.

And, I will be losing my only chance to find a proper means to be able to even live with Section 8 Housing in the Seattle area if I do not follow this now court document that was prepared by Robert Henry and advised to be signed by legal representatives of the NW Justice Project who work with the King County Superior Court.

Now under this advised to be signed legal document that now only leaves me only ten days to find a means, and the necessary funding (Which I have none.), to find another place to relocate to or thereof, all of my belongings and myself will be by court order and under the compliance for eviction by the King County Sheriffs Office, to be thrown onto the streets of Seattle by the end of this month.

I am contacting referred offices like the Department of Planning and Development and a Stephen Rudolph (206) 386 - 9735, and as well as Mr. Paul Valenti of the Mayor's Office on Senior Affairs and also Alain Rhone who works as an Advocate on Senior Information & Assistance for the Seattle City Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens and the Seattle Human Services Department . 206.684-0500 | F: 206.684.0494 - concerning this matter.

Any assistance that may be available for a one hundred percent disabled American Veteran, myself, Will P: Wilson, thereof, before I am soon to be illegally made homeless again will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Will P. Wilson, -(206) 383 4817 - -
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    • Will P. Wilson, Illegally Evicted & Made Homeless Again. — willpwilson 908, Mon Mar 24 10:14
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