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Conspiracy Theory Fact.The Manifested Path of Human Destiny.
Mon Mar 31, 2014 01:29

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An observation about the current lack of human real ingenuity at this time to be able to readily and correctly redirect the future of mankind away from the current transcending failure of humanity to re-architect mankind's destiny away from the current worldwide (Fukushima and Nuclear) mass extinction event while mankind still can do this.

For humanity to urgently seek newer architectures (Like Browns Gas or Hydroxy Gas or the Pantone Plasma Technology, for example.).

For humanity to effectively manifest the world's most reality based human concern toward being the creation and redirection of the human system of energy technology forms of human commerce to thereof, being that of mankind more sensibly seeking better energy technological directions that should be anything other then it only being nuclear, oil, gas, coal, etc.

The current human worldwide energy equation is only beset on now the entire destruction all of mankind (Gulf Oil Spills, Fukushima Nuclear Events, etc.), at this time as this current human architecture of failure is succeeding over all of humankind and it thus is now being solely and only a worldwide extinction event in motion and that is now fully in progress at this time and thenceforth into becoming mankind's indefinite and un altered future for all of humanity.

Thereof, let alone mankind's failure to address the global organized criminal banking syndicates who have profiteered at the cost of instrumentally also being their being very effective in having now architected the mass elimination of all or most of this entire planet's eco sphere and living species.

That the only human progress that is now prevailing is humanities incredible inability to recognize their own continual incapability to see where their destiny is not supposed to be going and that this manifest human greed based on ignorance and prevailed destiny has been stolen by the Oil Gas, Nuclear banking fraud, greed, theft, and murder of those who tried to deter these globalist interests who are in reality only and merely organized crimninal murderers who have killed the likes of most of the worlds top scientific minds and inventors.

Like the Elitist's murder of the world renown Heavy Water Physicist named Dr. Yull Brown on the alleged orders of the Rockefeller Oil Crime Family and their worldwide oil and nuclear Banking (Crime.), Industries.

And, so many other great scientific leaders, innovators, and inventors like that of Paul Pantone who they without any proper judicial and or political protocol forced this great scientist and inventor to have to serve more then six years in jail for merely only being an inventor of the Pantone Plasma Technology.

By these banking gangsters and now mankind's is about to experience mass worldwide extinction events and or that is this time period is now transcending into quickly becoming the real End of The World as We Did Know it.

Or thus, that the world's future is no longer based on it being the result of Conspiracy Theories, when in fact the world and our so called civilization are now based on being the result of Conspiracy Theories of Facts.

Thereof, because in this exact timing period of history, those who begin the tasks and who now carry

out their continual re-architecting of what this next system of us will be and not what it is at this time, will be the administrators of what will be and not what the whole system of us was.

Currently Washington State and Colorado are forcing this current matrix of inadvertive reality to recognize the Pharmacology of Medical Cannabis thereof to thus become the soon to become the nationwide industry of Medical Cannabis and Commercial Cannabis sectors that are now already employing many millions of people.

When the globalist banking criminals have tried to destroy this nation and make this nation homeless and readied for the mass extermination chambers at their globalist implemented FEMA operations.

When thereof, this now prevailing industry: "Medical Cannabis Pharmaceutical Distributution." is in the mean time creating millions of jobs for the citizenry of North American, while laying the ground work for Medical Cannabis being found to now heal cancer, and to remove nuclear contamination from the human and animal body, from the soil, and from the water.

while also in the mean time, that hemp proteins may be the only remaining protean that will be fit for human and animal consumption after the Fukushima events (And other nuclear events and worldwide contamination-s.) have wiped out all of the earth's entire realms of remaining sea life. - Dr. Will P. Wilson - -

March 28, 2014 In response to Seeking honest creators - inventors of a great future (Pugetopia and beyond) - pic - - To Seeking honest creators - inventors of great future from Dr. Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs that are broadcast on every week, now having produced more then two thousand educational TV programs over this last eleven years for our community.

I am making myself known to you as that I have been producing Public and Community Access Television programs for the community and in my relentlessly trying to help to inspire our community to become more aware of our time in history, thereof, to become more aware of how our system of community is now in a critical time of transcendence thus for all of us to now awaken ourselves to finding a better way to produce free clean energy for example for our entire world.

I am physicist and have worked with many of the world's top scientific minds in many areas of research and pioneering endeavor, for example having worked with the now deceased world acclaimed heavy water physicist named Dr. Yull Brown - apfn Browns Gas -

I am still working towards trying to find fellow pioneers and scientist at this time to help me to continue with Dr. Brown's incredible research as that due to the Fukushima worldwide extinction event that is now taking place that soon all of the world's fresh water supply will be soon contaminated with nuclear contamination and that by my having headed up extensive research many years ago - as that I headed up the research that was verified my more then forty universities, thereof, that the Browns Gas (Hydroxy Gas) will neutralize all nuclear protons and thereof, will transmute the nuclear proton into becoming non nuclear when processed through the Browns Gas plasma. This research also concluded that the Browns Gas plasma will also transmute the elements as well.

I have written many books on this subject but much of my research has been interfered with due to the power of the Oil, Gas, and Nuclear interests as that at this time they are still trying to make my life as interfered with

as possible but I still keep producing TV programs, writing, authoring, and inspiring the best that I can for our
community:;article=149737;title=APFN;pagemark=20 Will P. Wilson, Illegally Evicted & Made Homeless Again. — willpwilson 908, Mon Mar 24 10:14 - I do not give up though and am still seeking pioneering like minded concerned people who can see the importance of our all working together to build a better way of doing and thinking about what we can all do to work together to build a better future for all generations to come. And, if you are at all interested in getting back to me on the Browns Gas project that is now more so, so ever critically important at this time due to the hydroxy gas capability of providing all of the necessary energy to run our entire system of transportation, for generating all of the electricity that our country could ever need, including playing a key part in developing future metals and new materials synthesis, and thenceforth also eliminating nuclear waste, and for providing all of the necessary energy that our world could ever use and all that it is, is simply water. Water that may

soon be the only source of uncontaminated water left for human consumption on this planet.

Browns Gas Hydroxy Gas water will soon be found to possibly be the only water that can be consumed by humans that is not nuclear contaminated.

I have produced a lot of documentaries on the benefits of Browns Gas and plasma energy technology. I was instrumental in creating what became seven different NASDAQ registered companies, having as well also co authored the US Senate Farm Bill on Organic Farming, and also having co-founded several now world
recognized scientific research programs, including finding out ten years after I had founded the first Canadian American International Football conference that my grandfather had co founded the National Football League with George Halas.

Sincerely Will P. Wilson, - (206) 383 - 4817 - -
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