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willpwilson 908
Mon Apr 21, 2014 19:30

The corruption inside the Beltway has become so endemic and prominent that the USG has become essentially a roundtable of gangs, thieves, criminals, perverts and Cutouts owned by "hidden-hand" secret criminal entities.

The simple fact is this, if you have ultra big bucks for any reason you can buy membership into this big roundtable and obtain your own personal piece of the USG with most of the American Public never knowing, thanks to the Controlled Major Mass Media which is the main USG propaganda dispenser which protects the interests of the USG and the entities that "own" and control it, whether criminal or not.

Beltway corruption bleeds down to the local police and corrupts them too.
First the Alphabets were hijacked by the IZCS and used as an enforcer of the illegal, unconstitutional concentration of federal power.

Federal overstep infringes states rights and the Constitution was violated at every step of the road. Every step of this illegal, unconstitutional acquisition of state power (the power of "we the people") was "greased" with massive payoffs, special favors, human compromise or sometimes the brute force of threatened or actual covert assassinations disguised as accidents or suicides ("arkensides").

Targeted assassinations disguised as "impossible suicides", designed to also appear to insiders as "obvious terminations".

Note: the latest method of assassination by the Banksters is to help targeted individuals "swan dive" out the windows of high buildings. These are the subordinates whom the Circle of Twelve aka Denver "Bloodthirsty-Ones" have recently profiled as significant risks of testifying against them in future trials for RICO Bankster corruption which they expect will be occurring at a future date not too far off, unless they can start a nuclear WW3.

This kind of help "flying out of tall buildings" is the Central Banksters' form of master intimidation to other subordinates who may be tempted to talk and take prosecutor's offers of immunity in order to avoid being disposable Cutouts willing to do time to protect the "Big Boys".

Long after the Alphabets were corrupted, GHWB was chosen by the "Cabal" to be their CEO. The Cabal as many VT readers know was essentially a construct of the Money Power of the City of London Banksters and their franchisees the Wall Street banks and the private unconstitutional Federal Reserve System.

Previous Corruption of the Alphabets by their Central Bankster Masters made them vulnerable to be easily hijacked by the Bush Crime Cabal who were the main stateside Action-Agents/Cutouts for the City of London Zionist private Central Banksters).

Because the Alphabets were corrupted, it was easy for the Bush run Cabal to assume control over them. Thanks to the extreme federal reaction to the Roswell crash and two other SE American UFO crashes, the national Security Act was quickly passed in 1947 which created a future cover for every conceivable criminal act that could ever be enacted by the Secret Shadow Government and the Bush Cabal that later took control.

The covert terror enacted against America inside the continental USA was of course planned and run by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS, the world's largest, most endemic crime syndicate) and the Bush Cabal.

The IZCS has used staged False-Flag Terror Attacks in the same way Israel and England have always used terrorism to garner massive public support for new Draconian, anti-human laws.

Institution of these Draconian anti-terror laws such as the Patriot Act and NDAA 2014 always leads to more False-Flag Gladio-style terror operations in attempts to gain more centralized power that would not otherwise be possible.

Basically you have to create psychic shock in the group mind of the people and scare them beyond reason to motivate them to give up all reason in constraining their government to follow the Constitution. The FBI and the CIA are the main perpetrators inside America acting as Action-Agents for the IZCS when it comes to selecting and mind-kontrolling mentally retarded, disturbed of highly deficient individuals to train for entrapment in such phony acts of terror.

The Criminal cabal gained enough control of several of top USAF, JCS, and NORAD through the use of backsheesh, blackmail or human compromise operations to be able to institute the 9/11 False-Flag Gladio-style attacks on NYC and the Pentagon which, by the way, were planned and actuated by top, highly placed NeoCon, PNAC, and AIPAC officials with the help of the Mossad and its stateside sayanims and assets. - -

This massive Culture of Organized Crime of the IZCS run by the CEO of the American franchise, GHWB, was able to capitalize on their own staged Gladio-style False-Flag attacks inside America at Murrah and the Twin Trade Towers to create the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which some experts view as little more than an Israeli anti-terror outpost and private Neo-Bolshevik Zionist army inside America set up to transform America into GAZA II, the world's largest open air prison camp.
Yes, the Israelis are the world experts in terror and have been setting up these Gladio-style False-Flag attacks every since 1947. So when they claim they know a great deal about terrorism this is true, but it is only half the story. The rest of the story is that they are the ones creating terror in order to acquire more power and money for themselves from the U.S. Congress, their actual "sugar daddy".
This new culture of America, imported from Israel has been rolled out and used as an excuse to set up DHS and to heavily militarize the local police. This is all done because the police have been trained by the ADL that there could be a terrorists anywhere and everywhere and returning Vets, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Ron Paul supporters are actually either actual domestic lone-wolf terrorists or potential terrorists.
And all the while this insane, criminal rhetoric of twisted sister and her perverted group was going on, the FBI has been searching out retarded, demented Muslim patsies to entrap into absurd schemes to enact domestic terror. This has involved providing them with bombs and absurd story lines. Sometimes sophisticated mind-kontrol techniques are used involving ultra high tech psychotronics, hypnosis and Psi-power.
Most local Police Departments have signed Secret Agreements to give up jurisdiction to the Feds in exchange for heavy military arms and gear and sometimes "off the books" duffel bag payments of unmarked bills to certain Chiefs of the very large Urban Police departments.
The local police chiefs have been bribed, coerced or influenced to sign secret agreements with the DHS or an alphabet to accede jurisdiction on all matters to the USG and the feds whenever the feds say that it is necessary. In exchange they get armored cars, fully automatic machine guns (real assault rifles) grenade launchers, and all kinds of heavy military equipment not otherwise possible.
American Police are now being completely militarized and their new enemy is YOU and your families, that is anyone that is not in the so-called "Federal Family" or a militarized Police Family!
Essentially the American local police have become militarized. This is a very dangerous occurrence for American Citizens as well as the police and directly threatens our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Here's why. - - When any police force becomes militarized it becomes a tool and Representatives of the State. and will in many cases become instant targets in any Civil War that erupts. Most Police will be blamed for the murderers and thugs they have allowed in their ranks, even though a distinct but growing minority.
The local police will receive the full fury of the American public which has become increasingly angry at centralized power inside the Beltway and few will likely survive unless they immediately take their shirts off and go home to protect their families. This is called "going YOYO" by DHS which stands for "You are on your own."
The militarization of the American Police has created a major, direct threat for most officers as well as many Americans with no history of any criminal offenses. -
The militarization of the police has created a direct danger for most Americans.Any military force is taught there is an enemy. The American police are now being taught by the ADL that many normal American dissenters of corrupt Beltway Power are "domestic terrorists" or "lone-wolf domestic terrorists". This kind of cognitive programming creates a culture of tyranny and murder within swat teams and police in general.
We now have swat teams, many "riled-up" or charged-up on adrenalin breaking into the wrong houses, terrorizing innocents and murdering by mistake. These thugs often violate the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now we have young innocent children being burned by flash-bangs or even a case where a child's hand was blown off, all by overzealous Nazi-Stasi style Police Swat Teams. But these cases of murder, terrorism and assault are never prosecuted and these criminal cops are never held accountable for murdering innocent civilians or using excessive force. Such Swat Team raids are handled like military attacks during Wartime battles, that is enacted the "Israeli Way", thanks to the hijacking of American police training by the ADL and DHS.
How do you stop this militarization of the American police and the labeling of most Americans as domestic terrorists, potential domestic terrorists or lone-wolf terrorists? - - Yes, according to the so-called experts of terrorism at DHS, the world's largest collection of perverts and soulless zionist Neo-Bolshevik Criminal Cabal clones and potential mass-murderers of innocent Americans, almost all law abiding Americans who dissent in any way or ties their shoe laces wrong are "domestic terrorists".
Now here is the interesting thing. If you want to instantly stop America from being the now largest terrorist/war monger/aggressor in the world and also stop the local police from being militarized and functional terrorists engaging ion massive tyranny against normal everyday honest, law-abiding Americans ("We The People"), cut the head off of the Beast (aka the "Snake"). That is, remove the Foreign Money Power that has hijacked our Monetary Production and Distribution System and bring it back into the U.S. Department of the Treasury where according to the U.S. Constitution, it should have been all along. -

Lee Wanta, working with President Reagan, created a dynamic but quite simple solution to this culture of corruption and it is ready to be implemented now.
This solution was to cut the private central bank loose with America taking over and incorporating American Banking into the United States Treasury in a relatively seamless transition. This is called the "Constitutional Solution" by insiders to this hijacking of the American monetary Production and Distribution system by the Zionist City of London Banksters and their Cutouts.
Lee Wanta served as President Reagan's Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine and successfully brought down the Soviet Union (which at the time was considered by many as a Evil Empire. He did this by setting up a very crafty win/win situation which is fully explained in his book which is now available digitally on Kindle ( in its latest Edition for less than $10 or in any earlier edition for free on his website.
Wanta's incredible work bought a win/win end to the Cold War but didn't end then.
Not only did Lee Wanta bring an end to the Cold war, but he negotiated a General Agreement on Cooperation with the new Russia Federation. This Agreement between the USG and the new Russia Federation included a working agreement to never interfere with each other's borders or with nations bordering each nation. And he negotiated various workable monetary and trade arrangements between America and the new Russia which would benefit both nations and help prevent any future occurrence of another Cold War. But that is not all. In the process of bring a positive end to the Cold War Lee Wanta made huge, legitimate profits from his private financial contracts - now protected under the U.S. House of Representative's Bill H.R. 3723- that became so large they were almost beyond imagination.
Lee Wanta has also helped other nations by working with them to help create peaceful solutions to difficult problems. He has served honorably as a Foreign Ambassador for Somalia to Canada and Switzerland.(4) Lee Wanta's official biographer Marilyn Barnewall has written an excellent short article on Lee Wanta that is well worth the time reading for those interested who have the time. - - When President Reagan authorized Lee Wanta to go ahead with his Strategic Plan, he arranged for Lee Wanta to have access to a 150 Billion U.S. Dollar line of credit to be used to activate his plan of trading Soviet Rubles and/or exchanging them for other hard currencies in Europe and Asia. After Lee Wanta completed their mandated/sanctioned plan (Operation : StillPoint) and obtained complete success in ending the Cold War in a very creative win/win solution for all interested parties, he soon afterwards (within six months) repaid the 150 Billion dollar credit line and even after that showed a profit in his private business of 27.5 trillion U.S. Dollars (including interest accruals).
Lee Wanta's mission for President Reagan did not stop with the end of the Cold War.
But Wanta's work did not stop with the end of the Cold War. In the process, working with his President President Reagan (his Mentor), he created an ongoing plan to completely revitalize and re-industrialize America, a Constitutional Republic and designated his massive holding of 27.5 trillion USD to do it.
This involved a genius plan to completely rebuild and revitalize America starting first with a National and International (USA and Canada) High Speed, state-of-art Maglev Railroad which would provide 2 million new good paying job opportunities and bring American steel and the light and heavy manufacturing industry back home in short order. The Wanta Plan also involved paying off the so-called "National Debt" and transferring the Monetary Production and Distribution system back into our US Treasury, taking it away from the private Central Banksters and the Federal Reserve System.
Lately there has been much discussion within the USG regarding the need to convert the U.S. Monetary Production and Distribution System to a Gold backed System. In fact the new U.S. 100 Dollar bill shows its right half suggesting some gold backing. However any such discussion is nonsensical because the Federal Reserve System is a continuing RICO Criminal Enterprise, is not the legitimate Bank of the legitimate American Republic. The U.S. Constitution required that the U.S. Monetary System be in actual Gold and Silver coinage or if paper backed by such precious metals. To discuss any kind of association between a Fiat Monetary System based on Babylonian Money-Magick and its onerous usury is a complete contradiction in terms.
The first step to any permanent solution to the problem of the USG becoming the largest Terrorist Organization, drug trafficker, money-launderer, and major asset stripper of honest American workers' wealth through massive bank frauds and illegal taxation is to fire the Federal Reserve System and fold all American Banks into the US Department of the Treasury, where it belonged in the first place. This would cut the head off of the snake and dis-empower the foreign City of London Zionist Money-Power that Hijacked America and has so seriously asset stripped it and exported most of its heavy industry and most of its good jobs.
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