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RE: A mysterious unidentified woman called the pilot
Mon Apr 21, 2014 19:40

A mysterious unidentified woman called the pilot


A mysterious unidentified woman called the pilot while he was in the cockpit just before the flight departed. They had a two-minute conversation. She used a fake identity when she purchased the mobile phone that she used to call him. Investigators were able to determine that because people are required by law to provide ID when they purchase a SIM card.
In this case the SIM card used to call Captain Shah’s phone was traced to a shop in Kuala Lumpur and had been purchased recently by a woman using a false identity.
The practice is common amongst terror groups and every other person who spoke to Captain Shah before the flight has since been interviewed.

Aishah Zaharie and her father Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot of missing flight MH370

France has reported that one of their satellites has spotted a large floating object near the search area, but we haven’t seen the image and don’t know when the photograph was taken or exactly where the object is located.

STAGED! CNN's Richard Quest Met Flight 370 Co-Pilot Before It Vanished


On 24 March 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (above) announced that, based on satellite data analysis from UK company Inmarsat, Malayian Airlines flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean, and no one on board survived.

How British satellite company Inmarsat tracked down MH370

In 2006, a former aide to Najib Razak, Abdul Razak Baginda, was accused of abetting the murder of Altantuya, his Mongolian ex-lover.

Abdul Razak Baginda, and three members of the Malaysian Police counter-terrorism unit working for the then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, were arrested after the murder.

Altantuya had worked as Najib Razak's translator on a 'shady deal' involving buying submarines from France.

(MURDER IN MALAYSIA) ( Corruption Allegations in the Purchase of Submarines)

Najib Razak was educated at Malvern College, a private school in the UK, and at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

Shortly before take-off, the M370 pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (above), received a two-minute phonecall from a mystery woman.

The call involved a phone card bought by a woman using a fake ID.

MH370 pilot received call from mystery woman / MH370: March 23 live - Telegraph / Unknown woman used a fake ID when buying phone

This discovery suggests another possible link between Captain Zaharie and the CIA.

Shah is related to 'CIA asset' Anwar Ibrahim.

When buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Malaysia you have to fill out a form giving the number of your your identity or passport.

The police have discovered that the SIM card was bought 'very recently' in a shop in Kuala Lumpur.
Investigators have discovered that Diego Garcia (above) is one of the 5 airports in the Indian Ocean loaded into Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s home-made flight simulator

US military base, South Asian airports in MH370 pilot's simulator

Diego Garcia is a U.S. military base
British-born Saajid Muhammad Badat (above), a 'CIA-MI6-al Qaeda operative', recently told a court that four to five Malaysian men had been planning to take control of a plane, using a bomb hidden in a shoe to blow open the cockpit door.

Saajid Muhammad Badat said that he had met the Malaysian CIA-MI6-al Qaeda operatives - one of whom was a pilot - in Afghanistan and given them a shoe bomb to use to take control of an aircraft.

The possibility of such a plot, hatched by the CIA masterminds of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, was bolstered by an admission by Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister, that the Boeing 777’s communications systems had been deliberately switched off “by someone on the plane”.

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