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Tue Apr 22, 2014 14:45

Radiation is still pouring out of a cave at Carlsbad Canyons.

Please pray - visualize - that this Radioactive Melt Down is neutralized as we have already shown how.

The leak is so bad that within a few days the radiation was detected over 20 miles away.

Unbelievable but true.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) Obama is in Japan, Martha Vineyards and Oso Washington at this very moment VP Biden in in Kiev. The Assassination Attempt there set up for an Obama was Biden's Doing - for this he was promised a place in history as President by the CIA - Cocaine Import Agency.

2) In the mean time an Obama has ordered Putin and his VP and PM to be stripped of their wealth and then terminated permanently just as soon as possible. PM Medveded will be left alive if he shuts up and obeys the forces in London like a good little puppy dog.

3) On the Ukraine Front: The US Forces - prisoners being released by Eric Holder - are being sent to the Mezyn National Park as it now belongs to the IMF. There should be some shootings in, and near, Shoosta in the next few days by "Russian Troops" fresh form American Jails.

4) Follow English and US Embassy Workers headed East from Kiev - stop them and search their cars for arms and large pots of cash.

5) Shoot to kill cloaked US vehicles flying near the Eastern Ukraine right now. Tye are air dropping food, munitions and other such supplies for these Soul Less Prisoners.

6) Harry Reid is still a Wide Mouthed Cow that is about to be Prepped - and he will soon have a stroke, so says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

7) It is show down with GOD for the leaders in London, Moscow, Peking and other major world leaders.

8) If you think the rich are not being destroyed for ignoring GOD goto and look at the number of homes over $2 Million on there. Over 50% of all home sales are now by investors backed by money created on a computer in London.

9) Russia - the Nuke the CIA took when they killed your agent is now sitting in a CIA/FBI house just North and West of Chicago and is fairly unguarded. It will only yield 1-2 KT BUT it will project this new "E-Boli Spores" hundreds of miles.

10) E-Boli - hockey puck. It is a new GMO designed by you know who - the cure sits on my desk.

11) US Space Command in Kings Mountain - (((oops, top secret - so after reading this article you must kill yourself))) - you are about to get your wings clipped.

12) In Iraq today 105 were killed, 127 injured. Our military forces are still in Iraq to insure the weapons sold last month reach their destination. Sell sell sell, missile launchers, rifles, ammunition, - US weapons sale are up 15 times since Obama took office.

13) Eric Holder plans more seizures of US held pistols and rifles.

You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William Mount



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