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Sat Jun 7, 2014 12:27

Hempty - America's Crop Of The Future

(((Please pray with me that the US Corporation goes away and the new American Republic ceases to outlaw the growing of Hemp)))

We all know the benefits foR growing Hemp:

1) It grows as a weed - on Marginal Land.

2) It can be used for almost anything - from human food to the making of clothing and, when mixed with plastics, can be used as a building material.

3) Fertilization is minimal for this crop.

4) Pests are almost unknown.

5) If fully utilized could employ in the upwards of 10 Million People for growing, distribution, sales, packaging, writing Environmental Reports, etc.
It is OK to murder for oil (Bundy Ranch, Sen Harry Reid), get drunk, use prescription drugs identical to LSD (Lethal Drug 64) but GOD help you if you feed your chickens Hemp with almost no THC in it.

The US Corporation has had its' Corporate Chronies (It's Called Fascism) make billions growing Hemp outside of America and then importing parts of this plant into America in forms such as Cloth, Hemp Seeds, etc.

America is already importing millions of pounds per year of this low THC Hemp.

Someone has already determined that this crop is safe, right?

Here is the problem: Hemp is about 1/2 of 1 % THC.

If a Hemp was created that has 0% THC there would be no reason to outlaw it in America, right?

Further - if you plant Hemp near a Dope Crop (2-23% THC) the Cross Pollenization destroy the Dope Crop. It actually drops the THC percentage of the currently growing Dope.

We are asking the Corporation of the Drug Enforcement Agency to work with the Universities to create a THC Free Hemp - we shall call HEMPTY.


We do not have much of a choice.

The economy is still falling despite what the Wall Street Journal says.

This new crop could literally employ tens of thousands of workers and feed millions without the use of Monsanto and DuPont pesticides and fertilizers.

Wherever you plant it Dope Crops will be ruined - to bad, so sad, touche'.

The real Question Is: Does the DEA leadership have the guts to do this or are they going to bow to their Corporate Chronies or will their leaders wait until the new BRIC banking system is set up and then get arrested with the rest of the US corporate Scum?

Are the directors of the CIA intelligent enough to see that by doing this America Dope Crops fail and they can increase their corporate profits by importing more Dope into America?

This means more money for their Black Budget and thus more Underground Bases?

Are the Oil Companies smart enough to realize that Gas sale in America are down 75% since 1998 and by growing Hemp in America on their land they could regain this lost profit?

The competition to the Oil Companies - Monsanto and Dupot - could be neutralized in a week through the proper use of "Influence".

The real question is - are US Corporate Leaders competent enough to follow this course?

(((One US Corporate Leader is The Commanding General of all US Corporate Forces (General Dempsey) is so inept (And has ED) he cannot even keep 17 year old Illegal Aliens off military posts with nukes! He can expect to go when the arrests begin, if they begin.)))

We have laid it out - a crop that would pickup slack employment and feed millions.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) Seventy Years Ago Russia retook Odessa - God's 70 Year Cycle.
2) Seventy Years Ago Russia retook Crimea - God's 70 Year Cycle.

Stand in the way of GOD and HE will squash you and your allies like a bug.

Our Economy is dumping. Just get outside of your bubble and look. Even Home Depot and Wallmart is having problems.

For those of you who have not been to Wallmart lately - many shelves are empty. The US Dollar is no longer accepted in these nations that make these products for trade.

Further - Just like we stated 18 months ago - the US Corporation will declare the economy is going great and then --- Wham, the power goes out. Twenty three Power Stations attacked by the FBI (I Mean Al Kada) terrorists and Marshal Law.

We need to pray - visualize - that those on top go away permanently.


Scary 1929 Market Crash Chart

See: Scary 1929 Market Chart

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