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Kurt Riggins Fed & Native Nations Lawyer on Organic Addendum
Sun Jun 8, 2014 08:00

Legendary Constitutional Law Whistle Blower - Kurt Riggins Who is a worldwide recognized Federal & Native Nations Lawyer presenting his observations about the need to begin the legislation for the immediate filing and the submitting with standing Bills for the legislation and the Publishing of Organic Medical Cannabis and Organic Medical Hemp and Organic Hemp.

Thus, concerning the implementation and the recognition by filed and submitted Organic Farm Bill Addendums thus, pertaining to all Legislative Standards and Ethical Guidelines in all State and Federal Jurisdictions for the establishing of legalized Organic Cannabis & Hemp and the removal of Organic Cannabis and Organic Hemp off of all legislative schedule rating of Narcotics and Federal Crimes Registry.

Kurt Riggins explains what his legal obligation to provide his Federal and Judicial Legal Recommendation on the need to file Organic Farm Bill Addendums for Cannabis and for Hemp.

Thus to be filed and to timely be submitted on record in all State and all Federal Senatorial Jurisdictions, all Supreme Courts of all Jurisdictions, and all North American Congresses and Parliamentary Jurisdictions under all Foreign and National Trade Acts, on thus filed with standing on record in all jurisdictions on record.

Federal Senate Organic Cannabis and Hemp Legislative Votes on these Addendums - Kurt Riggins AllDayLive -

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Medical marijuana persecution or improper practice of law?: The strange case of Kurt Riggin - By Michael Roberts - - Tue., May 25 2010 at 12:04 PM 1 Comment
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