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willpwilson 908
Right-Way Law founders in Washington State Prosecuted
Sun Jun 8, 2014 09:05

Kurt Riggins presented to the Washington State Supreme Courts that it was not residing under proper standing and or proper and lawful jurisdiction while it is still residing under the (Defacto - not lawful.), Washington State Constitution of 1889.

Thereof, and apparently the entire Constitutional Standing of the current Washington State Judicial and Bureaucratic Governmental Corporate Banking System is not acting under proper standing while standing under the Washington State Constitution of 1889.

Thereof, the State of Washington at this time is not acting under proper jurisdiction by United States published record of Standing, what so ever.

And, that thus the Corporation of Washington State and it's judicial and administrative body is at this time not acting and or proceeding under any form of properly authorized Federal and State recognized and or recorded legal protocols of administrative judicial and or jurisdictional authority, apparently.

And, thus while only and solely acting under the Constitution of 1889 that is verified to not even be properly and with authorized published protocols of jurisdictional and established Constitutional Legal standing.

That thereof, the Constitution of 1889 is considered to not have any standing under recognized and or recorded Federal Laws of the United States, by published record of standing under the record by time stamp of the National and Federal Archives of the United States.

Thereof, that the Washington State Constitution of 1889 is to fully be solely and only recognized to be a defacto or thereof, to not have any declared standing under U.S. and Federal Jurisdictions.

When thereof, that Kurt Riggins had filed with standing and on the record the Washington State Constitution of 1878, when he had discovered that the actual dujour and legal and proper Constitution of standing that had been filed with the National Archives is the Washington State Constitution of 1878 - washington state 1878 constitution -

Shortly after Kurt Riggins had submitted this published for the record the Washington State Constitution of 1878, that the corporate establishment to try and to poison Kurt while he was eating at local Olympia restaurant.

This was typical and to be expected of the Washington State Corporate Banking Governmental Crime Syndicate's Protocol.

Thereof, not to forget when the Snohomish County Police, working with the Edmonds City Police, in complicity with the Everett City Police Department and an out of jurisdiction magistrate, tried to murder Kurt Riggins.

Whereas, these police officials then, with the illegal authorization of an out of jurisdiction warrant for the arrest of Kurt Riggins.

Thereof, a warrant that was issued by a residing magistrate who was residing in the Edmonds City jurisdiction and not in the Lynnwood Washington jurisdiction.

Thereof, Kurt Riggins had his lawful record of residence and his legal residence on record listed with United States Post Office as being in Lynnwood, Washington.

Whereas, these police officials then proceeded to illegally enter Kurt Riggins home and to proceed to break his spleen, and all of his ribs.

And, then they further try to cover this unwarranted felony in the First Degree Assault with Malice for the Murder of Kurt Riggins.

Thus placing him unconscious and while still unconscious, into a cold shower in the Everett City Jail for three hours to try to cover up the bruising and the attempted murder that he had withstood at the hands of these Washington State, County, and Municipal police officials and magistrates.

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Bush/CIA/NSA/Mafia Mind Control Victims
Right-Way Law founders in Washington State Prosecuted
Sun Jan 18 18:05:33 2004 Checkout:

Kurt Riggin and Lewis Ewing are Right-Way Law founders in Washington State (actually Territory of Washington)

January 9, 2003 For mass distribution:





As most of you folks know, both Kurt Riggin and Luis Ewing are under severe attack by Grant County Prosecutors, ALLEGED PLAINTIFF for the heinous crime of allegedly violating the administrative code of unlawful practice of law statute RCW 2.48.180 as either a “legal provider” or “non-lawyer.”

However, the plaintiff/prosecutors did not “cite or plead” the specific subsection (1)(a) defining “legal provider” or subsection (1)(b) defining “non-lawyer” in their complaint? Why???

Nor did the prosecutors use any words out of subsection (1)(a) defining “legal provider” or subsection (1)(b) defining “non-lawyer.”

Nor did the prosecutors use words containing the same meaning and import defining “legal provider” or “non-lawyer” in this complaint? Why???

The judge, when challenged on this “essential element”, stated they were NOT going by the Statutory (legal) definition, but failed to provide any other definition? Why???

It is obvious that the prosecutors “know” that Kurt and Luis cannot be charged with violating RCW 2.48.180 the unlawful practice statute as either a “legal provider” or a “non-lawyer” under the statutory definitions provided at (1)(a) & (1)(b), because those definitions clearly require that one must first be granted a limited or full authorization to practice law before one could qualify to be labeled or categorized within the classes of persons who could be a “legal provider” or a “non-lawyer.”

That’s right -- one has to be a member of the private Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) in order to qualify as either a “legal provider” or as a “non-lawyer” as provided by (1)(a) or (1)(b) and both Kurt and Luis have NEVER been granted a limited or full authorization to practice law by the Supreme Court. Kurt and/or Luis have NEVER joined the Washington State Bar Association and any dummy can tell from reading subsections (1)(a) and (1)(b) of RCW 2.48.180 that Luis and Kurt cannot be charged with violating this statute because this statute only applies to members of the Washington State Bar Association!!!! (emphasis added)

Also, the unlawful practice statute itself provides an exemption, exception or severability clause that states that is an affirmative defense to being charged with this statute if other court rules, or statutes regarding admission to practice allow you to practice.

RCW 2.48.170 clearly provides that if Kurt and/or Luis are members in good standing of any other State or JURISDICTION, that they SHALL BE ENTITLED TO PRACTICE LAW IN ALL THE COURTS OF THIS STATE and RCW 2.48.190 provides that if Kurt and/or Luis satisfy a judge in a court of general jurisdiction, meaning a “court of record” or “superior court” that a Washington State Bar Incompetent can practice law in our court that RECIPROCITY IS GRANTED WITHOUT ADMISSION BY THE SUPREME COURT.

As you see folks, the above argument is a sure winner, that is if Luis and Kurt ever made it to trial alive????

The judges and prosecutors in Grant County know they screwed up and the only way to cover it up and keep themselves out of jail and not be sued is for them to have Luis and Kurt murdered and call it suicide in the jail. They have set our Bail’s at $10,000.00 each for a weather-excused FTA on Friday January 2, 2004 (when it was an ice-rink over here in the west) and re-scheduled our trial for sometime in March? Why did they set it out all the way to March?

It has just come to Luis’ and Kurt’s attention that the only Bail Bonding Company licensed to do business in Grant County has just informed Kurt Riggin that they will not Bond them again (because of the bad performance by Grant county---seems they don’t return bond money.) Luis thinks you know what that means! That’s right, Luis and Kurt will be held until trial. But Luis and Kurt also believe that if the police nab them, that they will never make it to trial because they will both be dead. How can Luis and/or Kurt file criminal charges against the court officers and send them to jail, and how can Luis and/or Kurt sue them and take their money if they are found dead first? (emphasis added).

Luis is quoted as saying that he and Kurt have all of the Grant County Judges, Prosecutors and Lincoln County Judge Joshua Grant by the “family jewels” for filing these false charges that do NOT apply to them. Both of them have the knowledge and want to nail the court (& WSBA) and take them all down for official misconduct, malicious prosecution and barratry. Luis is salivating at the thought that Kurt and he can finally nail some of these malcontents and teach all the judges and prosecutors not to screw with them or the law-loving ‘patriot-types’ once and for all.

But, Luis and Kurt are also in acute fear for their lives because of this! (emphasis added)

This is very serious – deadly serious!! Luis has never made accusations or claims like this ever before, and he would not say this if he did not believe it to be true. (emphasis added). Luis and Kurt have never seen such clear-cut violations that allow them to actually have cause to file significant criminal charges to take down prosecutors and judges as in this case. Luis says, “Come on, the line is clearly drawn, we need help now, we can take all of these “*&%@**”s down. It is either legal rally time – or it’s over and tyranny of men will reign over reliance on law in courts. ”. (emphasis added)

Here is a chance for everybody to stick it to them and teach these violators a lesson they will never forget. Just imagine the message this will send to all the prosecutors, judges and cops in this State if Kurt Riggin and Luis Ewing sued and sent Grant County Prosecutors to jail and took their houses, and got them permanently removed from office. It’s like a dream come true if Kurt and/or Luis can just keep from getting shot first by the cops or Grant County Prosecutor’s “hit-men.” They just need financial help and they need it bad, AND they need it NOW.

This is really a chance of a lifetime for Luis and/or Kurt to set the legal record and nail the abusers of the judiciary. If we can do this, Kurt and/or Luis will be like Teflon --- they can end up forcing the courts to let them (or any competent counsel / effective assistance of non-bar counsel) represent/assist you in court without admission by Supreme Court. They can break the ‘closed-shop’ strangle-hold of the WSBA. Kurt and/or Luis could possibly win a large percentage of all cases if they were allowed to represent you in court. This is why the courts and WSBA fear them, because of their knowledge of the law and inner-(corrupt) workings of the court. The prosecutors can’t debate them, for they do not know the law. Kurt and/or Luis know the court rules, statutes, rules of evidence, procedure and case law from memory and can out debate any prosecutor or judge in this State. Washington State Supreme Court Judge Richard Sanders called Luis on his cell phone almost two years ago and told Luis directly that he was a threat to the Washington State Bar Association and that they have to stop him.

So, Knowledge of the Truth is a dangerous commodity in a corrupt world of fraud.

Luis has discovered the provisions (loopholes?) in the law that allow him and Kurt to practice law without ever joining the State Bar Association and others fear this information getting out, so now he has asked that you also be provided this information.

This doesn’t mean every yo-yo or rookie green horn can run down to the Tribal Court to get admitted. There are many incompetent Right-Way law types who in the past tried to do just this in the past and they have been disbarred from the Tribal Court’s because they clearly do not understand court rules, statutory construction, procedures, rules of evidence, etc., and are just plainly incompetent.

To put a stop to this, Luis and Kurt suggested to the Tribal Court’s that from now on, that in order for anyone else to get admitted, that they have to have the recommendation of two (2) members in good standing and then within a period of 30 days from being admitted, they have to appear in the Tribal Court and represent a client pro-bono for free so that the judge can review their pleading and conduct an oral examination to make a determination whether or not this new would be Tribal Bar Attorney is really someone who “knows the law.” There will be NO more Right-Way Law Student’s admitted to the tribal courts, period.

Kurt and Luis have every confidence that not only will they eventually win this legal case, but that they stand a very high chance of putting several Grant County Prosecutors in jail and permanently removing them from office provided they don’t have Kurt and Luis taken out by their “hit-men” first.

Kurt and Luis are preparing to file two (2) Class C Felony Charges against the Grant County Prosecutors. 1.) Barratry and 2.) Perjury. They also are preparing to file several misdemeanor charges against the Grant County Prosecutors for Official Misconduct, Malfeasance of Office, Libel, Slander, Abuse of Process, Malicious Prosecution.

From all that has happened so far, Kurt and Luis find no evidence to believe that they can get a fair trial in Grant County (understatement!), so Luis is going to remove both Kurt’s and his case to Thurston County under the Exclusive Venue Statute and challenge the validity of RCW 2.48.180 as applied to Luis and/or Kurt who do NOT fall within the classes of persons who can be charged with violating this statute.

So far, why has every single Grant County Judge now recused her/himself from our case??? Is it because they fear us, or is it they are trying to avoid liability or both? Why did they charge Kurt and Luis in Grant County where neither Luis nor Kurt has never physically been in their lives my life until charged with unlawful practice RCW 2.48.180.

Over a month ago, Luis ate lunch with Kurt’s attorney Brent A. De Young at (509) 764-4333 located in Moses Lake, and he informed Luis that he was informed by someone in the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office that this is all because of Prosecutors Robert Moser’s and Teddy Chow’s BRUISED EGO’S, because they got their Butt’s WHIPPED by a couple of guys who never went to law school! “WAAAH, WAAAH” say’s Luis.

So far, both Kurt and Luis have made all six (6) Grant County Prosecutor’s (all in on this case!) look like the incompetent fools that they are. In fact the current hired gun slinger Eric Leeser is dumber than a box of rocks and is depending entirely on Lincoln County judge Joshua Grant to do everything for him. You should have seen all 6 of them all fumbling, bumbling and stumbling in court for over half an hour pretending to look for an Affidavit of Probable Cause they never filed in the court file in open court when judge Joshua Grant ordered them to produce it. They lied and said it must be in their office, but to date have never produced one! Luis and Kurt couldn’t tell who was “dumb”, “dumber” or “dumbest”.

Kurt has recently informed Luis that his attorney Brent A. De Young has been threatened (by whom??) that he better not do too much for Kurt or else??? Luis and Kurt are in immediate fear for their lives as there have been several unexplained deaths in the last several years in the Grant County Jails. Apparently, several inmates there committed “suicide,” and the cause of their death was “broken trachea’s”. That’s right: “broken trachea’s.” Are you strong enough to strangle yourself to death?

Luis and Kurt do NOT believe that they will receive a fair trial in Grant County.

So far, both Kurt and Luis have made irrefutable arguments citing exact and specific violations of court rules, statutes and case law of this State. Judge Joshua Grant like a “robot” under orders

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    • Right-Way Law founders in Washington State Prosecuted — willpwilson 908, Sun Jun 8 09:05
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