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Western Leadership Is Filled With Sexual Deviants
Tue Jun 17, 2014 15:20

The Western Leadership is filled with sexual Deviants


(((Please pray- really visualize - that these Perverted Individuals are removed from Planet Earth Immediately)))

Recently you were shocked to hear that President Obama has declared that Transgendered People (Sexual Deviants, Perverts) are now a protected class of people and get hiring preference when applying for any US Corporate, State, County of City jobs by Executive Order. Thois makes him a King.

Consider the source.

Michelle Obama has an Adams Apple - she is a he, a Drag Queen.

The First Drag Queen Lady of the White House

Recently Christine La Guard, head of the IMF, told the Ukrainian President to Kill All Russians in the Ukriane and she will lend them $17 Billions to get out of debt. They will then owe their soul to the IMF and be forced to chip all of their new born children like the EU does today.

She is risking World War 3 over her gamble - and most of the money will go to the Russian Gas COmpany to pay past bills.

In response Russia cut the Gas Off to the Ukraine.

The West responded by blowing up the Gas Pipe Line to the Ukraine.

Now, thanks to the New EU Membership, all Ukrainian children must be chipped.

Christine La Guard has an Adam's Apple - she is a he. A Cross Dresser, a Transvestite.
She is a Rocky Horrors Picture Show Star ------

We did a story about the French Leadership and how their past president liked to rape little girls as young as 2 weeks old - this was not a joke. Their leadership is just as perverted as the English.

The Roman Pope said a few years ago at tth Christmas Address to his Cardinals: The Vatican is in Full Compliance with Pedofilia and has been since the early 70's.

Translation - they rape children into submission in the Catholic Church. Maybe this is why the Satanic (Lucifarian) Cults I am aware of are filled with Roman Catholic Priests and Bishops.

Eric Holder's Wife is the owner of an Abortion Clinic - planned Parent Hood. Planned Parent Hood has a new drive to teach children how to have Kinky Sex -Gay, Perverted, Orgies, Using Knives and Darts - weird sex.

See The story: "Why Is Planned Parenthood Planning Kinky Sex For Teens?"

Who can forget the US Department of Commerce Director appointed as a cross dresser, now removed from all Google records?

Now who can you forget the stories of the First director of the FBI being a Cross Dresser - J Edgar Hoover?

How about the last head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Klauss who was sent to a US jail today after "Sex Crimes" - the real crime was he had a CIA document stating there was no gold in Fort Knox or any where else in the US Corporate inventory.

So go on the net and look for Women with Adams Apples (They Are Men) and you will find these Cross Dressing Transvestites:

1) Michelle Obama. OK - OSU Football Player #44, 1981-82, Michael Ramsey. She is a he.

2) Meg Ryan - this one blew me away. Miss Sex Pot is a he.

3) Sally Jewell, head of the US Department of Interior is a he.

4) Bruce Jenner - A sports broadcaster is a cross dresser and a bad one at that.

5) Ashley Richards - maybe a double, maybe her. You decide.

6) Doubles for Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt's Wife.

7) Harissa - (Lee Leyung Yeop)

8) Ann Coulter - Plain as the nose on your face. The Drag Queen of Fox News.

9) Kate Middleton - the next Queen of England, Prince WIlliam Mount's Bride has an Adam's Apple plain as day - She is a He. A Cross Dresser, a Drag Queen --- not legally eligible to be the next Queen of England and now the world knows.

10) In fact the Original Queen Elizabeth had an Adams Apple and remained unmarried because she was a he --- this is why he wore high necks on his dresses.

11) Not to be out done - there was a Roman Pope who had a baby - he was a she, and when she dropped the baby was beaten to death on the spot.

12) Type into Google; Gay Hollywood Actors. We bring them into our homes every day on the TV and you wonder why the US Economy is collapsing?

When I was in Hollywood I learned that most Fan Fan dancers were men who got a breast job and dance untile they got too old and then got a job.

What the US needs is a US Department of Crotch Checkers run by "Crocadile" Dundee.

Is it not illegal to lie on a Job Application when you apply to be the head of the US Department of Commerce or the IMF?

Of course - Barry Soetorro, Barsck Obama lied on his application to be a US Sneator and US Corporate President so I guess a Legal Precdence has been set on this one.

Maybe there needs to be an Agency of Crotch Checkers run out of London so as not to embarrasse the English Royalty ever again. Wait till this hits Pravda in about 10 minutes.

I will leave you, the APFN reader, to do your own research.

Is is any wonder that these Sexual Deviants want you dead?
For You Intel Geeks

1) Obama the cowards sent 275 troops to Iraq ""No Boots On The Ground," right?

2) These Perverts have ordered a Nuke being brought into Bagdad from the South West from a base that was not destroyed. They need a Nuke to go off to get WW3 started. Is this loud enough US Intel Generals - can you hear me now?

3) A few hours ago a Russian Pipeline Blew. We told you who was about to do this, where he was, what he was driving - what more do you need KGB - GOD is never Wrong?

4) Shortly after we stated Japan will roll they were hit with 4 large earthquakes near Sendai - GOD is never wrong.

5) Christine (Chris Le Guard) - you missed the 5PM June 12th Deadline for the IMF and your life just became a Living Hell - your system is falling apart. GOD is never wrong.

6) Russia - two year delay on setting up an alternate SWIFT account in your new World Bank - you were told to return your blessings or your system will fail. Did you not understand these words President Putin and PM Medvedev --- GOD is never wrong?
The News That You Are not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount
No Spelling Errors, misplaced Capitols or Syntax Errors.

Give it your best shot US Army Cyber COmmand - you are one of the 6 Primary Targets when the Nukes fly: London, DC, Pentagon, Denver, Langley, Fort Belvior.

Please make it really hard for me to stop this coming Nuclear War.

No one will morn your deaths - you and Allied Signal - no one.

Then US those Intel Forces loyal to the US corporation will be hunted down by 190 nations until the end of time, so says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

So make it real tough on me US Army Cyber Command - do your best.

Make me look stupid, misspell my words, eliminate Capitol Letters, hold my stolen money back.

One mistake and WW3 starts - you are all fried in an instant -- Hell for all eternity.

I serve the Living GOD, not yours god. You are Vets - hated by Obama and his staff.

PS - Patrick Sullivan, Will P Wilson and CHarles - we love you your stories.

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