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US Corporation Becomes Primary World Terrorist Organization
Thu Jul 3, 2014 09:22

I never thought I would see those in Washington DC and in London become the world terrorists - yet this is what is happening.

(Please pray - visualize - that these terrorists are neutralized permanently and immediately)

The Government if the people, for the people, and of the people has become the terrorists of Planet Earth.

Thank GOD we know where they live, what they drive, what they look like ---- and so so do the Russians, the Chinese, the Germans, the Brazilians, etc. The Crowley List has been updated. They even know where their children and grand children go to school and where they sleep at night.

In an unprecedented and illegal move the Department of Homeland Security(SS) has announced it will now take over security at Airports, train stations and ports that move people into the United States.

In a statement from Homeland Security they fear that the terrorists they have supported (Al Kada, Al Quada, Nusra, ISIS, IL, ISIL, MEK and a dozen organizations funded by the American and English Tax Payers)) they fund and send weapons to may come back to the US and blow something up ------- especially when these Al Kada Terrorists are US Citizens paid by the CIA and given free flights from Syria to New York, escorted by DHS Thugs and given bombs - and they might just detonate a few. Duh.

We all know that the next False Flag will be a coordinated attack against Americans by the CIA (Owned by the English Crown) and DHS (Owned by the IMF) to kill Americans.

We all know that almost all school shootings are false flags set up by these Fascists - CIA and DHS.

We all know that they are here to kill us and destroy America.

Just keep in mind - the Foreign Intel Agencies know where you live and where you are almost 24/7 - for example, the former head of DHS is the Chancelor of University of California, Berkeley. Kill a Student's father in one of the attacks the former head of DHS so carefully planned and a student may go off the handle and deal with the murderers themselves.

Maybe in your next attack you will kill the son of a Russian General and he may exact revenge in a hideous way. GOD will now be with the victim and allow him to exact revenge.

DHS - CIA - FBI Gay Boys - there is nothing you can do where the truth will not be exposed almost instantly. Nothing. Your level of intelligence has reached that of a Moron - you are powerful - but stupid.

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords now says to the CIA and DHS Murdering Freaks: "Watch your back for what you do will now come back on your 10 fold."

Whatever you try and pull over the next few days we will know it is you and we will share with the world.

If our grid is taken down then others will rise to the telling.

You cannot hide anymore CIA/DHS Murderers and rapists. Your masters in London and Rome have been exposed and all that is done will be credited back to you.

As for the Wall Street Traders - sorry, you supported another Gay Freak as a New York Governor and the state has pulled your protection by disarming it's people. You are now at great risk and have created your own nightmare scenario. Now YOU must live with it's consequences.


Focus - really pray - that these murderers are completely neutralized.

By the way - the US Post Office already has on line the new regulations that they must implement after the bombings tomorrow - they are already written up and ready to be downloaded. Someone at the Post Office informed me privately far away from and Postal Office.

I have already read some of them.

Note: The Bombings by Al Kada on the 4th and the Bombs in packages that were found on the 4th.

Note: This is posted on the 3rd.

Focus World - pray really hard - - Neutralize the CIA/DHS Murderers so these bombs do not go off. I mean pray hard they are put asunder immediately and forever.


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Dr William B. Mount

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