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UFO 1988 – A Red-Orange Thing, The Size of an Aircraft Carr
Sun Jul 13, 2014 16:19

UFO 1988 – A Red-Orange Thing, The Size of an Aircraft Carrier
Published: 2:27 PM 7/12/2014

by Cheryl Costa

It’s high season for sightings - Grace never expected to see a UFO, the size of an aircraft carrier.

Grace was working at a TV commercial film shoot in upstate New York. The various crews had just wrapped the shooting for the day. In Grace’s van there were ten members of the crew; everyone was anxious to return to their hotel in Middletown, NY.

While driving on NY State Route 12, most of the crew members on the left side of the van nearly in unison remarked, “What is that?”

In the sky was a reddish-orange object and it continued to get closer and closer to their van. At first none of the folks could really make out what it was they were looking at.

Graces says, “We all agreed it was not a plane or anything else we had ever seen.”

The only thing everyone in the van certainly agreed on was that the object was getting bigger and bigger, and it was getting increasingly darker outside as the sun was setting.

“Some of the folks in the van were on the verge of freaking out,” Grace explained.

The road began to be curvy and led into a forested area where they lost sight of the object. As their van came around a small turn in the road, there was one of the other crew vans stopped. All of its crew members were out of their truck standing in the middle of the road looking up in a dazed manner.

The driver of the van slammed on the brakes. After the vehicle, stopped the engine died, and everybody got out.

“Above us was this unbelievably enormous ship, silent hovering just above the tree line,” Grace said with a tone of wonder in her voice.

Grace clarified what it looked like very specifically, “it was a dark metal, and it was larger than an aircraft carrier, when we saw it at tree height. The circumference had baseball diamond shaped colored lights that changed color, but not in a pattern, they just changed colors, pink orange, blue, and yellow.”

The group of film artists and technicians stood huddled together gazing up in awe for about 5 minutes.

“…and then in a second, it pulled away, without a sound and it did so, incredibly fast.” Grace explained.

After the craft disappeared, the van the other crew had been driving in started up. One of the crew electricians told us their truck had stopped when the craft had gotten close to the tree line.

Later at the hotel the two van loads of crew shared their encounter story with the rest of the shoot team.

“They just thought we were all nuts.” Grace moaned.

Interestingly enough the local newspaper reported that a large crowd in the parking lot of the local supermarket had also seen the UFO. Grace says, “I still talk occasionally to a few of my fellow witnesses and we are still all freaked out, because it was so unmistakably huge, so close and so real.”

After a moment to reflect, Grace remarked about the long term impact of that night 26 years ago. “… It has left a huge mark on my life, and on how I see our place in the universe. I think of it in a very good way. It really forces you into a bigger perspective!”

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Cone UFO Reported Hovering over India under Cloud Cover
Puducherry UFO - Witness illustration of the object. (Credit: MUFON)
Published: 1:29 PM 7/12/2014

Posted by: Roger Marsh
A witness at Puducherry, India, reported watching a “white colored, self-revolving cone” UFO that hovered under the cloud cover less than one mile away, according to July 11, 2014, testimony in Case 896 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The object was seen for about two minutes on June 15, 2014, while the witness was waiting for a traffic signal.

“My kid wanted me to see an arrow in the sky,” the witness stated. “When I looked I found a long cockpit-type, conical flying object just self-revolving and passing over a big cloud to another small cloud.”

But the object soon disappeared from sight.

“But when it crossed the second small cloud, it just disappeared. It never returned.” The witness included one illustration of what the object looked like.

Puducherry consists of four small unconnected districts: Pondicherry, Karaikal and Yanam on the Bay of Bengal and Mahé on the Arabian Sea. Pondicherry and Karaikal have the largest areas and population, both as part of Tamil Nadu.

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UFO Sighting: Angel-like Objects Spotted Hovering over Italy
Published: 1:16 PM 7/12/2014

By Parismita Goswami

In a surprising sighting, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) like orbs were spotted sparkling in the skies of Italy. The magnificent glowing objects appeared more like a group of angels to the residents of Milan, who spotted them on 6 July.

The beautiful, but strange sighting was captured in a nine minute 31 seconds video clip and was posted on YouTube.

"This UFO changes shape in ways we have never seen before. At one point, it looks like many orbs, and then changes to many angel-like beings. Very fascinating and the color is magnificent. The photo is breathtaking and looks like a group of glowing energy entities looking down on Milan." explained Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily.

Similar sightings have been made in the past as well. A huge glowing light was spotted hovering over the skies of California on 28 June. The sighting was captured on a live cam over Santa Clara Valley in California while residents of Denver spotted three glowing objects in the night sky of 4 July.

Eye witnesses claim that they observed the strange orbs while watching fireworks.

Two Altoona city residents in Pennsylvania saw a red glowing object hovering over the city at 10:45 pm on 30 June 2014. They even captured a video via Windows 8 Phone. In yet another UFO sighting, a mysterious hole in the cloud was reported on 9 May over Stockton, Northern California.

Images of the strange object left people wondering the reasons for such a phenomenon.

Many people shared their thoughts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on what appeared to be a strange, bright hole in the undisturbed clouds over Stockton.

Again, crew members from Australia's TV production while shooting for their programme, captured the sightings of two UFO hovering over Queenstown, New Zealand. The crew was in New Zealand to shoot for the seventh season of "Colour In Your Life" series.

The sightings were captured on 3 April 2014, while producer and presenter Graeme Stevenson along with director Sophia Stacey were filming for the first episode of the series. But it was only when the crew started reviewing the edited footage, they noticed two mysterious objects flying.

(Editor's Note: The object(s) seen here reminded me of the 1990 Greifswald Nuclear Plant video. I have posted a short segment of it at the end of the video below.


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