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"Get out of Bed and Fix Your Brother up"
Mon Jul 14, 2014 09:22

"Get out of Bed and Fix Your Brother up"

Kind Being said that to me at about 10.45 PM, Sunday night; "Get out of bed and fix your brother up."

I was only in Bed for a couple of hours. Earlier in the night the message was given to me that half of us may be losing our health to the nuclear waste disease that is coming in on us now. Does that not seem quite severe? Does it not appear that the mouse and the minnow have not awakened to the love of God in time, for them to save themselves? Long after Judah is gone, his waste will linger on. Are there not some magic words that will bring labor to help us here? Is there not someway to bring labor to STRIKE THEM OUT? Do we not see the necessity to STOP THE WAR?

Do we not recognize how fistable we are? We died from missile complete, only the love of God our Father saved us here. Jew fall and yet we exhaust and die ourselves off in war out here. Are we not throwing ourselves out beautiful?

Judah has, like the thief in the night, slipped away and out of here now. Is there not someway that labor will come in and lend us a hand, to get our selves right? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and bring us to peace?

Have we hopelessly ignored Judah fierce? Is the mouse a failure? Almost died? The understanding from this chair is that Judah has now riced half us off. Have we not failed to Jew pups? With nuclear waste in every breath that we take, might it now be the end of our outdoor exercising? Has Judah riced us mentally? Have we not been falsed out of our lives right? Is there not some chance that we will wake ourselves up and find the sweet love of God as our shelter for one another?

Might our economy not be heading for defeat in the future due to war and a poisoned environment? Our milk has been rifled. Scientist made a proposal we could survive, if only labor will STOP THE WAR. Jew just stalk us with abuse. Must we not end dying for apathy? The whole atmosphere is going soon. Ocean with it.

Jew consider it fair dying us in. Dying the mouse just beautiful. At the same time, Jew life here has totally fallen. We supplied the weapons that sealed us in. They've assaulted out the minnow delightfully. The despot terrorist is fisting us out with radiation.

We've failed to be legitimites. We're frying up ourselves. Is there not some hope that labor will see the light and STOP THE WAR? Is there not some chance that labor will act before Judah seals us all out of life with his nuclear waste war that he has upon us now? Will labor not give us a chance to live in peace?

Judah is using a cable to issue his war directives. He is in the basement with 16 million of his other cult members. Still ghosting from among us. "Foolish to do nothing." Elder has said that so many times to this chair. "Foolish to do nothing."


"Get out of bed and fix your brother up." Elders from space have not given up on us yet, so this chair won't either. If there is some way, any way, to bring labor to end the apathy and STRIKE THEM OUT, the plan is to get it done.

We're gentle little guys and gals flying around on a planet sailing through the universe. So little knowledge about what the bigger world around us is all about. So little knowledge about who we really are.

We arise from earth, our ancestors were around 75 million years ago, at the time of the dinosaurs. If the scientists are right, we were just small little creatures swimming around in the water. About 12 million years ago we took on the body form that we have now. Two arms, two legs. We lived in trees and made our way into the grasses and forest lands.

200,000 years ago our elders from space added their high level genetic material to our genome, giving us their high level potentials. In doing this, we bypassed a couple of millions of years that would ordinarily have been needed, for us to grow our brains as big as they are. That is, the intelligence level we have now, would have required another two million years to match, if not for the genetic addition of our elders 223 high think genes, that they've gifted us with. By adding their high level intelligence genes to ours, it reduced by two million years, the time needed to reach the current state of high-level intelligence that we have.

Our elders from space are a 15 million year species. We have been gifted with their high level potentials at the 12 million year time frame in our path through creation. Elders themselves were gifted with high level intelligence genetics when they were at the 12 million year time frame of their life form development, at the same time frame as we have been gifted.

When using the term 'our elders from space,' there are many varieties of extraterrestrial Beings. The ones that gifted us with their high level 223 genetic factors, are the Galacticans. When they were at the 12 million year time frame, they themselves were in our height range of about 6 foot tall. Now 3 million years after receiving the 223 gene package from the earlier Galacticans, their height is about 3 to 4 foot tall.

If we should survive and make it forward into the universe, in 3 million years our descendants may also be in the 3 to 4 foot tall range. The Galacticans clothing style often shows them wearing capes. The infant of Prague is a Galactican, I mention our elder brother with love, respect and honor to his dignity. Maxmilian is the Being who directed "Project earth" to transition us out of war and into peace. Here is an image of him:

"Give me my hands and I will give you Peace"

Notice the cape, and also the crown? A crown is a ceremonial adornment that also is a transceiver, allowing for long range telepathic communications with Galactican computer systems.

Might we think of the word capable? One definition of capable is having ability especially in several different fields. The etymological roots of capable seem to be in the word cape, cap, or the latin word for head, caput.

Above anything else, do our Galactican elders from space not seem quite capable? Their actual brain capacity is on the order of 18 times our neural brain capacity.

Our elder brothers and sisters, I mention them with love, respect and honor to their dignity, that make Mercury and Venus their homes, are the same creation as us from 200,000 years ago. They have neural brain capacity of about 6 to 7 times ours. Might that probably be due to living in an enriched environment of continuous peace and abundance? Sure. Do we not perceive that Judah shoots war to keep our real thinking down?

Mercury and Venus Beings are our same Earth creation with us, from 200,000 years ago. They are exactly us with more developed thinking and also some self added modifications.

The understanding here is that they have engineered their body temperature about 10 degrees cooler than ours. Instead of average body temperature of 98. 6 degrees, they are about 88 degrees average body temperature. The reason for this temperature change has to do with longevity. They live on average to about 1,000 years of age. Less body heat, might that not put less wear and tear on our body systems? Some of our Mercury, Venus elders live in to the 1200 year range of life.

The Galacticans themselves, who have 18 times the neural brain capacity of us, live in the range of 1800-2200 years of age. It appears that there is some aspect of consciousness that is connected to how long a life form exists alive. If we can survive this nuclear waste storm that is upon us, and join up with our elders, is it not highly likely we will learn many of the answers to the mysteries of life? Sure. We also will bring technology into our world that will feed, house and clothe every single one of us in comfort and abundance. "I want you comfortable," sweet Father said. "My kids, treat them super nice."

Do we not recognize that the technology of peace has been continuously blocked from coming into our world by Judah?

From reading the literature of extraterrestrial contacts that earthlings have had with many varieties of Beings, there may be life forms that exist much longer than even our elders, the Galacticans. There are many varieties of insect life forms that are part of the high level extraterrestrial world. Some insectoids, insects themselves being one of the longest lived life forms in the higher realms, may live in to the 6,000 year life span range. Spiderman is real. He is one of the Beings that is part of the Supreme council of elders of the Galactic Federation of light.

As part of their longevity process, during their 6,000 years of life, they spend many years in states of hibernation. They sleep for extended periods of time, then return to full function and continue for hundreds of years of life, then go to sleep again for extended periods of time. So though they live for 6,000 years, they may be awake and fully conscious for about half the time. They, as all the other high level Beings, live in absolute peace and harmony with all other life forms.

A couple of years ago I heard from Spiderman, his name is David. I mention David here with love, respect and honor to his dignity. He was kind enough to communicate to me for about 2 minutes. When he ended the conversation he said, "Nice talking to you." Just the same type of wording that a human on earth might use.

David also telepathically sent some pictures. As in the Spiderman comic books, he was wearing a real sharp space suit. He wears a full head covering. Bright and colorful, tailor fitted, is his outfit. From memory, he had a belt on that could hold things like gloves, radios, flashlights or other items.

Our elders from space dress very well. They as we, have a range of different costumes they wear depending on what is planned for the occasion.

How many of us have read the comic book Casper the friendly ghost? This chair learned of an extraterrestrial named Casper in 1989 after he let me discover him signaling in our phone lines. Since then I have learned that Casper is a Martian, he is the Being who has directed pulling all the nuclear blast shots off of us. I mention Casper with love, respect and honor to his dignity. I thank him for his kindness and help during this tough process of getting us out of war and into peace.

Do we recall some years ago the arrival of mutant ninja turtles? Comics and television shows that are still with us. This chair has heard from an extraterrestrial group of turtle Beings that suggest there was knowledge of them, by the creators of the television show. They do not fight and are not ninjas, but they have genetically engineered themselves. They genetically engineered the removal of their shell, and now wear classy looking chrome mid section pieces, in place of where their shell used to be. Can we only guess, were these advanced turtle Beings, the basis of the television series of the mutant ninja turtles? Might this suggest how they first appeared in our culture stream? I mention the kind turtle Beings with love, respect and honor to their dignity.

In 2008 when our elder brother, Maxmilian spoke to me from May until September of that year, he suggested I use my computer to communicate to associates that I was in touch with him. Maxmilian was born in about 1200 AD. He is 800 years of age now. The centers of power of planet earth knew I had actually made contact with Beings from outer space, just from hearing the name of the Being who had contacted me. Might we not consider that they already knew quite a bit about Maxmilian? Maxmilian contacted the centers of power of planet earth in 1350 AD, and invited them to join the Galactic Federation of light. Judah, royals and Vatican, had already perfected the predator relationship and had securely fastened it upon us, and so declined the offer. Can we not see though, that the centers of power of planet earth, knew of Maxmilian from their early contacts in 1350 AD with him? 150,000 nuclear bombs and 436 nuclear dirty bomb power plants later, might we not guess why Judah has never revealed the secret of the extraterrestrials in our world?

Dr. Mallove's (1947-2004) spring 2004 message to us: "We're only a few months away from unlimited clean free heat and electricity. If we compare the fine truth of Dr Mallove with the hazards of 436 leaking nuclear power plants that are poisoning us and our world, "might we not think of the, "Magnitude of the deception?"

Do we have an appreciation of what has caused the intervention into our world by our elders from space? That is, do we not understand that it is the Judah plan to go ahead with the extermination of the mass of the human race on planet earth? Do we understand Judah has continuously made attempts upon us to do exactly that, destroy us in total with nuclear blast weapons? If we grasp that, do we not also see that only one dirty bomb power plant has the waste available to wipe us all right on out of here over the next couple of decades? Have we given thought to the fact that Judah has in his purse power another 435 nuclear dirty bomb power plants to molest us with? Is there not some sense of how perfectly are the Judah guys dying us off here? Will we not open our hearts and minds and hear the love of God our sweet Father and save ourselves? Can we not give ourselves at least one chance to live in peace? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, away from them?


The circuit has never been allowed by Judah to operate in our world. The circuit we are thinking of here, is Velocity. Velocity power sources were demonstrated as early as the 1890s by Nathan Stubblefield (1860-1928). No theory of how they operated, but that didn't stop Nathan from building and showing them to all his friends and neighbors.

From reading the literature of Nathan's time, some indicate that Tesla visited with Nathan in the 1890s, and learned from him how to build a free energy earth powered light bulb. In 1899 Tesla demonstrated a single light bulb operating on free energy that was using cold electricity. The circuitry of an ordinary light bulb is hot when operating, whereas Tesla's free energy light bulb circuitry was cold. Since Tesla we have seen numerous inventors of free energy devices who also discovered this curious cold electricity that is associated with free energy Velocity power sources.

The reason the circuitry is cold is because when the free energy device is operating, the driving energy force of the device, whether it be a light, motor or heater coil, it is extracting its free energy right at the source of where it is employed. Instead of energy passing from a battery or generator to power the device, the actual energy for powering the device is entering right at the point of use. Inside the motor-heater coils, or light bulb, free energy is developed from interacting with the standing waves of our planet. Free energy is pouring in, right where the light bulb is lighting up, rather coming in from our power line, battery or generator.

Might we consider that the reason that this has been so confusing and for such an extended period of time, is because classical physics made it a law that no energy can come from a standing, not in motion, static field? It was a law of Newtonian physics that accepted only a kinetic force, from an in motion field, that could provide motive power for any useful purpose.

In classical physics, the static field was regarded as useless for providing energy, yet we understand today, that the static field not only has energy available to be extracted from it for delivering heat and electricity, but that there is no more powerful of a field than the static field of our planet because it is connected to the universe.

It comprises and has available locally, the near total mass of the universe to draw energy from. The static field has another nice feature,

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