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Blowing the Whistle on the Rife Story
Mon Aug 18, 2014 18:12

Blowing the Whistle on the Rife Story
Who's Who In the Rife Game

The history of the Rife Frequency Generator goes back in time to the 1930's. However, the original research travels back even further to 1880, and the first patents were issued in 1890, to a man named Fisher. Many men like Tesla, Lakhovsky, Voll, Nagier, etc. all contributed to this teahnology Rite happened to land an over zealous journalist named Barry Lynes who made him into a folk hero with the book The Cancer Cure That Worked. But, back in those early years, there were many heroic experiments.

Because of the controversy over Rife, we will concentrate on his legacies and early instrumentation. Rife developed 5 powerful optical microscopes, the most powerful at which is known as the Universal Microscope. It was developed in 1933, consists of 5,682 parts, and is so "powerful" because of its ability to accurately view microorganisms in their natural habitat. Rife, while observing bacteria, viruses and fungi when using the microscope, was able to observe their demise while applying energy derived from the frequency of the square wave generator. Audio frequency generators of the 1930 era were large and bulky and subject to frequent instability. The instrumentation was crude and unstable. To determine the precise frequency with accuracy was difficult and quartz crystal control was required for optimum frequency stability. It is no wonder that Rife did not publish the frequencies that caused the demise of viruses that he observed. It would have been difficult for a person other than an expert radio technician or engineer to determine and measure frequencies accurately in 1930.

In the manual and notes of Rife, there is no mention of the frequency, only dial settings. And these depend upon how the parameters were set up in the oscillator stage. The Manual also points out many "Do Nots", which indicates mechanical instability of the instrument. The 1987-88 versions of the original Frequency Generator had been developed through a need for an experimental program to investigate and study the work of Rife and perhaps revalidate his experiments using an audio frequency square wave generator to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

In 1977, a researcher from San Diego, California discovered a man who had for many years known Rife. Rife provided a frequency generator for this man's use when he developed cancer. He used the generator and cured his cancer.

The Light Beam Generator and the Light Ion Beam Tube* are extremely important inventions, and perhaps the wave of the future in "electromagnetics". Ed Skilling and Jeff Byrd took the latest technologies from the Rife Generator, and married them to the latest gaseous tube technology. with these devices, penetrating radio (RF) frequencies are modulated by Rife frequencies and complimented with various Inert Gases to produce ultraviolet and other light frequencies (The ionized gases also produce several other RF frequencies such as with a Lakhovsky multiwave oscillator). If one wants to sterilize a lab, you would use ultraviolet light to kill all virus, bacteria, and fungus. Certain gases give off an ultraviolet component, just enough to be effective. In other words, the ultraviolet enters at a level that virus, bacteria and fungus cannot tolerate, but can and will rejuvenate healthy cells. With the Rife frequencies riding the wave form, a one-two punch is delivered. But the main effect of the therapy is to charge the particles, or cells, so that they repel each other. Remember, each cell has a polarity, and when that polarity changes, they start to attract each other rather than repel. When this happens, energy blocks occur, the blood platelets clog the veins, the lymph fluid ceases, and the whole system stops. Just like a gutter full of leaves, nothing can penetrate the blockage. Lumps and soreness occur. But by simply putting the charge back into the cell correctly, the cells and platelets start moving slowly apart. Not in dangerous hunks, but whispfully, one by one, dropping away from the knotted clump. With only minutes of use and slight manual massage, the process continues until all swelling, A pain, etc., is gone. This equipment is not theoretical, it is now in the clinical stage of use.
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The rapid acceptance of alternative and traditional health modalities characterizes our ongoing desire to achieve personal sovereignty. Now is the time to take personal responsibility for our own health. Even amidst a world of chaos, control and toxicity, the intelligence of the body stands ready to support ideal health. Indeed, our bodies are already poised for perfect health. All thatís necessary in order to create vibrational alignment is to remove the blocks. All thatísí really necessary for the cells to remember who they are, by opening up fully to the abundant flow and infinite organizing power of Creative Intelligence, which is the frequency of Love itself!
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Our bodies have an unlimited self-healing and regenerative potential. Vibrational Energy Technologies such ass Noble Gas Rife/Lymph instruments can encourage this potential in a dramatic way. They offer exciting new vistas in Alternative Health now and far into the future.(Read More)

The Ultra Photon sound Beam VIII and the Essential Photon sound Beam are each a conscious comprehensive application of the work of George Lakhovsky, RR Rife, Abrams, Nicola Tesla, and more recently, Dr. Robert Beck, Ed Skilling and others. It combines Multiwave Oscillator, Rife Broadcast, Lymphatic Drainage, Oxygenation, Photo-Bioelectric, and Subtle Energy Technologies all into one easy-to-use instrument.
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A Synthesis of the time-tested Rife Technology expressed in 3 different Modalities: Classical Rife Broadcast (hand-held), Electrical Rife Pad/Rod and Plasma Electrical Rife/Lymphatic Drainage Technology.
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        The Cancer Cure That Worked The rapid acceptance of alternative and traditional health moralities characterizes our ongoing desire to achieve personal sovereignty.... more
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